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What Lies Beyond (End Game, Part 1)

Character(s): Everyone
Content: Welcome to... Paixao? Continued from here.
Setting: Paixao???
Time: ???
Warnings: :3

The room teeters away when the orb activates at Sora's touch, the white walls blurring apart, a dizzy feeling to the gut. When one recovers and the world seems to stabilize once more, one might find their location to be familiar.

The whole group who was in the room now finds themselves standing in, what was, The Elysian Fields. They appear long dead, the lush, white grass having withered away. The mysterious lights have also vanished, save a similar glowing, orb shaped distortion that floats behind them, offering a way back. In the distance the church, St. Destino, looks like it's barely standing. The nearby river has dried up, the surrounding ocean is nothing but sand and rock, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

And there it stands: the familiar domes of Paixao remain largely intact, but there are large tracks and signs of crumbling. The Paixao that stands here appears to be abandoned and in ruin.

Above the ruined city, hovers a floating castle; familiar symbols displayed on its exterior, but it's dwarfed in comparison to the heart, that almost resembles a moon, that dominates the sky. Teeming with power, its golden light makes gives everything a mid-day glow, despite the surrounding darkness.

Distant noise filters down from the sky above, the only sound in the otherwise desolate fields. It accompanies the static of power from the heart moon...


So many different voices, but what are they saying? They ebb and flow in volume, fading into unrecognizable murmurs. But why can't you understand them?
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The bright moon was not something Emizel wanted to see after that rough teleportation, his head still felt like it was spinning. Though once it subsided, needless to say, the little demon didn't exactly like at all what he was seeing. This looked like Paixao alright, gigantic heart moon and floating castle aside, but what was it doing here? Was there seriously another Paixao floor within the castle, or, was this even a still floor at all? That orb may have as well been the exit they all were looking for. Which would make this...

... Well, if any of his assumptions are true, Emizel had all the more reason to be suddenly be hit with guilt. Here he thought there was no need to really worry about the lives lost during the collapse when they weren't actually real, and yet now the city may have been dead all along. As disappointing as that seemed though, there was no way to should hold him back.

"How do we even get up there?" it looked obvious that the castle had to be where they needed to go, it was the only thing that wasn't falling apart at least. Maybe even find out what's the deal with the ridiculous moon while at it.
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Chrono had experienced a few disorienting teleportations in his lifetime, most notable among them the recent exit from Precia Testarossa's Garden. This one was a close runner for the number two spot.

As soon as the disorientation wore off, he turned toward the spiky-haired punk who had so rashly activated the orb. "And what, pray tell, did you plan to do if there was no way back once you activated that thing? I'm willing to bet that most of us aren't supplied for a prolonged stay. Or five minutes in hard vacuum." Shaking his head, Chrono didn't even wait for an answer. With an electric zap his Device expanded into its staff form. "I can carry anyone who can't fly on their own, but the less power I have to use, the better. Somehow, I doubt there's a party waiting on us up there."
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As soon as the world around him settled and Ventus again found his bearings, his mind took in everything at once. The castle, the domes that seemed familiar and yet strange, all registered in his still-muddled mind. But the first thing he processed was the heart-shaped moon in the sky.

His eyes widened at the sight, and his body tensed as he remembered the last place he had seen that moon, revealed from behind the clouds of the darkened sky. He tightened his grip on the Keyblade he still held in his right hand, knowing that this was a sign that everything would only get harder from here.

Whatever this place was, they were all in for a challenge.

The castle...whatever they were looking for would probably be in there, right?

Ven took a deep breath, and started looking around. He needed to find his friends before rushing on ahead.
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Thankfully Ven's friends weren't far off.

Terra doesn't say anything when he sees the heart shaped moon in the sky, he only places one of his strong hands on Ven's shoulder, reassuring him that he wasn't alone.
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Indeed, Aqua wasn't far either, only a few yards away, but her gaze was locked on the sky. It was hard to shake Aqua, but her composure was certainly missing. Their master's keyblade looked like it could almost slip from her fingers.

That heart shaped moon... She'd seen a moon like that before, but it had been not anywhere even close to the size of the one she now saw--what that meant, she couldn't begin to guess.

Vanitas had gestured upwards as he'd spoken of something called Kingdom Hearts... was that what the moon was?
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Well, that was some timing. Laharl had only a chance to glance around the room and cast a glance to his mother before Sora touched the orb and the sensation of being teleported came over him.

He sunk down to one knee, as soon as they'd seemingly arrived. He couldn't look around right away, his head was spinning too much to. Finally when it did clear enough, he rose back up to stare around them in surprise. He knew this place; he knew this place well, but... this wasn't the Paixao he'd last stepped foot in.


What the hell was with that... moon? It seemed like one, but it was huge! It was larger in the sky than even how the Earth appeared in the sky of the Netherworld. And that castle! Oh, that castle. That was a last boss castle, Laharl had no doubts of that.

"Well, at least it's pretty damn obvious where we have to go now," he muttered.
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Krichevskoy didn't say anything for a long while, his eyes locked on the huge moon--if it could even be called that--looming above them. There was something strange and terrible about it. The world felt empty, save for those strange whispers on the wind.

"Yes," he replied, still half-dazed by the sight before him. And even after agreeing it still took him a second to notice the large castle the moon framed.

"So this is what has awaited us outside those walls..." He had been expecting something big, but nothing quite like this.

A large moon, shaped like a heart... Could that have been the Kingdom Hearts so many had mentioned before?
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Timon shifted in discomfort, his gaze fixed on the barren field ahead of them. The land appeared dried up and long since been abandon by its inhabitants. All that remained was eerie, unsettling feeling that left his stomach in knots. Turn back, his instincts instructed. There is only death here. He shrank further into Laharl’s scarf and looked up at the illuminated heart above them.

“You think that’s what Riku was talking about?” He asked without turning to Vyers. “That report the kid had, it said somethin’ about this, didn’t it?”

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Hades makes a face, arms crossed, eyes on the castle above. Well, great. More castles, right? That's just what they needed. Fine, whatever, he's got this. Except... well, that rotten orb dumped him right with everyone else, instead of his distant you-can't-see-me sorta deal he was trying to keep with. Alright. That's still fine, right? No one bother the god of the dead and he won't bother you, eh?

Anyone that does try to give him a problem will get a reply of "What are you lookin' at?" and a scowl, but unless they try to attack, he's going to keep his firepower to himself. See? Stillll playing the good guy! ...Does it count as playing if it's kinda-sorta true? Well. Whatever. Here he is.

He ogles the heart moon that halos the castle for a little while. So that's what Kingdom Hearts looks like? Isn't that... precious.
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Ansem hadn't initially intended to see what could be seen on the final floor, In the end, however, he'd decided that there truly wasn't any sense in letting only the heroes ascend to what ever remained beyond. There were still things that could be of use, and so he too had stepped willingly into the world beyond.

He had, of course, not expected to find Kingdom Hearts on the other side, but as things stood there was no real way to reach it. No, for now he would simply have to wait, but that's no great hardship. If he must wait for a chance, so be it. The heroes will show him the way to that which he seek, especially if they are to seek whatever lies within the castle. But this too is for later. He is a patient being, if he must be.

Thus, he settles for offering something approximating a polite nod in Hades' general direction.
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Emizel had appeared to have wandered slightly off from the rest of the group for the moment, closer to the dead city underneath the giant castle and moon. He had hoped to find some extra explanation for what was going on on this floor, and staying put was going no good when... well, there was probably a lot counting on him now. It'd be a shame to let those down. Besides, the sooner this was over, the sooner things will be back to normal, or would it?

Either way, Emizel did not like the place one bit, it was almost just as unsettling at the last one. And the last thing he needed was to have one of those eerie voices blow right into his ear to make him cringe and whimper.
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“Now how’d a runt like you find his way up here?”

Xigbar looked down at the demon from what remained of the Niflheim gate. Overall, he appeared unbothered by Emizel, his weapon balanced lazily over his shoulder. Here he had bothered to meet this little crusade that insisted on storming the castle and he found this kid. The Nobody turned his back to Emizel and returned to looking over the decrepit city.

“Not what I planned but I guess you’ll do.” With that said, he jumped down and disappeared behind the cities wall before he appeared again behind Emizel. “Yep, you outta lead him right to me.” Xigbar knew there had been something he liked about this demon.
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Nope, he really did not like where this was going. Not again.

Emizel had looked a bit... terrified. after all he remembered what happened last time. Just as Xigbar hopped off the wall he was trying to back away, get help, although neither would do him any good when he just bumped into the Nobody instead. So much for taking the cowards' way out.

"Like hell I will!" Emizel whipped around and threateningly pointed the staff right at Xigbar. Make a move and you're going to need a third coat next.

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It wasn't really the first time that Squall had found himself teleported to a new place. Not that he could say he much liked the sensations involved, but at least the idea was sort of familiar.

All the same, he couldn't exactly say that he'd been expected to find what looked like an older version of the city. Time Compression or no, he hadn't really expected to find himself almost literally stepping into the past. Assuming it was the past. The moon in the sky suggested it probably wasn't, but he wasn't going to rule out either. Not just yet, anyway. Not when there was plenty that could be happening here.

It just had to be more mysteries, didn't it?
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"My goodness, how ever did it take so long for you all to find the door? I've been here so long it was becoming a bore," came an approaching voice from the tall grass.

The tarutaru appeared a moment later, looking up at them all in annoyance as she folded her arms to her chest. "Well, I suppose I should tell you all what I've found out. You see, while you were all wasting time, I was scouting about," she continued.

"The city here is as abandoned as it appears. Seemingly no one has lived here in a good many years," Shantotto explained, not waiting to see if anyone actually wanted to hear this or not. Surely they did, though? "Whether that is truly the case, it's hard to say. It could be, of course, just some elaborate display."
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There were, frankly, plenty of ways to explain the differences between the city they'd left behind and this one. Alternate dimensions, time travel, illusion at either end, hell, they could even be completely different locations. Chrono wasn't about to rule any of them out, no matter how far-fetched, because magic worked like that, and so did science if you got far enough along with it.

Most of the people present, he didn't know. Squall, who he'd met the day he'd arrived; Krichevskoy, and the younger demon with him could only be Laharl; the rest he only knew peripherally from the journals, though he'd never actually spoken with most of them. The diminutive figure that was speaking in verse, he didn't know from Adam, but she seemed to be on top of the situation moreso than most of the others, so he paid her the attention she was due.

No one had answered his offer of a way to reach the castle, but then, everyone seemed to be in a partial state of shock at the moment so that wasn't too surprising. If it needed to be made again, well, he had no problems with doing so. Spiky-hair hadn't answered either but then, Chrono hadn't really expected an answer from him. It was a moot point anyway; they were here, and there were obviously both breathable air and gravity, as well as a way back.

Denuded of its glitter and gleam, the city and its surroundings looked positively ghastly, like a haunted house taken to unnatural extremis. The grasslands had been dead so long that even the scent of decaying plant matter was mostly gone, leaving little more than the smell of dead air in its wake, and the dried-up ocean and river were likewise odorless - a phenomena that should have taken at least a hundred years, depending on what inhabited them to start with. Maybe more.

"We're not going to get anywhere standing around here. Did you find anything useful while scouting?" he asked the tarutaru, whose name and species (and temper) he was completely ignorant of.
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Haloed by the heart shaped moon, Xemnas floats above the gathering, a touch of something akin to anger underlying his normal, neutral expression.


"Such insignificant fools!" he bellows. Nothingness crackles, grey and white, around his gloved hands. "What did you believe you were capable of achieving? Even as a united force, you are simply flawed. Within you, all of you, are nothing but hollow husks, just as this shell of a city. Did you think you could escape? Return home?"

To what?

He raises his arms to his Kingdom Hearts and sneers. The nothingness runs along his frame and fizzles into the air. "Did you think your allies returned home? Do you not hear their screams? Be silent. Listen." He falls quiet, heeding his own words. The mix of voices murmur through the air, some pleading, some crying, some angry. Xemnas recognizes so many of them. They were all experiments that had passed through Castle Oblivion at one time, more than once on occasion.

"Your only 'return' is back to that of Kingdom Hearts. This 'experiment' has breached its parameters and can no longer be salvaged. It's time I start anew." He drops his arms at last. He pays no particular mind to anyone, not even his "Organization" (if any are present), gets much for acknowledgement. "You can do nothing," he drawls, though he knows it won't matter. They'll fight. They'll struggle. But Xemnas cares little. "You are the embodiment of memories, albeit ones with such weakly constructed hearts, but those hearts cannot change your fate."

He holds out a hand as though it's towards them, as though he's challenging them, and brings forth darkness, sweeping up around him, enveloping his floating form; a piercing yellow gaze and bitter grin is the last they see of him before he and the darkness disappear.
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"You're wrong, Xemnas!"

A single voice rings through the city. Strong and clear.

"You're wrong about us, and you're wrong about our hearts!"

Maybe they had been constructed from memories, but... Sora's heart was his own, everyone's hearts were their own. Xemnas just didn't understand how hearts worked.
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"Sora's right."

Squall's comment on the matter is a good deal less emphatic, and he's not really sure he much likes the idea of only being constructed from memories (did that explain why he'd never had very many of his friends appear in the city?) but he trusts Sora, more or less. If Sora thinks they have hearts, that they can be someone, then that's all that he really needs.

Besides, memories or not, Squall isn't going to let Xemnas win. Not now, when so many people have gathered here.

"Maybe we are just memories, but that's all we need."

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Emizel was nothing but a tattered mess; so many cuts and scratches and each of them burned. Simply trying to drag himself away from the city hurt now that he lost his momentum. Although he didn't want to just lie here either, if another showed up from the Organization that might be it for sure. No way he could get that lucky twice.

No this meant getting help from the others, whatever was left of them anyway and if he could actually find them. It was sometime around there that Emizel felt something, glanced up at the sky and saw Xemnas appear. The only reaction he had for this was to hide behind some stone; out of sight and out of mind, just in case.

...So that was what was going on. All of them weren't even real. To be fair, Emizel wasn't sure if this made him feel better or worse. On one hand it kind of meant all the failures really did mean a way. But on the other, everyone was is way more trouble than he thought.

Even if the chance Emizel really wasn't kind of didn't exactly bother him all that much. He still had the same cares, same worries, and at the moment possibly one of the only ones that could still make a difference; in this case, free and fix everyone else, and return everything back to normal. Who cares if he was just memories himself?

Although first he had to so something about his health. Poor thing could barely stand up from his hiding place after Xemnas disappeared. All the places he had been shot in stung at once. He had to go slow, but, there wasn't much time for that.
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...he really is here to help. I swear.

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Lucky you, kiddo. Here was Hades being such a gentleman, ready to help you stay on your feet.

No really.

He was.

If anything else, a healthy Emizel meant someone to throw at Xemnas as cannon-fodder for this stunt that he dared to pull. Memories? Are you kidding him? He's the Lord of the Dead. Whatever nonsensical crap Xemnas was on about, that didn't change. He was a god. He wasn't going to let some egotistical Nobody try and ruin that.

So, by way of showing his new "charitable nature," Hades appears in a fog of darkness behind Emizel, and lifts the demon off the ground by the hoodie, tsking. "Well don't you look like a bit of a disgrace."

Sure he is

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He was just memories? Laharl's face had turned blank at Xemnas' words. At first it was anger that threatened to flood out, but when he'd followed Xemnas' gesture above them and instructed to listen, Laharl did. He could hear the cries and angry voices above them--for a brief moment he could have sworn he heard a voice he knew all too well.


How was he meant to save her from that?
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"She can be saved, Laharl."

Gwen wasn't sure how she knew this, but belief was a powerful thing. It swelled inside her with her love, and maybe it was that combination that gave her a heart with the memories that made her. She crouched down before Laharl and put a hand over his own heart.

"He can take everything away from us. Our homes, our loved ones. But our memories are power, and our hearts? They exist. They're real. And with that? We can keep fighting."

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"I suppose it's a bit late to mention that all of this, on top of being highly unethical, is also illegal." Chrono folded his arms, staring at the space the man had just vacated. "If what I hear in the general din is correct, we all have the same opinion - our memories are what make us who we are, and even if we're nothing but shells, we can still fight."

Why was he talking? Maybe just to hear himself, to assure himself that he was still there. Regardless, the collective sentiment of 'We're not gonna take this lying down' galvanized the young mage, and he swept his device in a wide arc, creating a floating platform. "If you can't fly on your own, hop on. Fighters at the edges, support in the middle."

[The platform is roughly circular, about 30 feet in diameter, and its edges are defined by a rotating magic circle. It should be strong enough to hold just about everyone present, but it'll be faster the fewer people are on it.]
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"The ethical has never much concerned him, I'm afraid."

The voice alone was one that hadn't been much heard in Paixao of late. Not when its owner was a master of illusion. Today is not a day for illusion however, and Zexion stands as he truly is as he steps onto the platform. The only difference is in his clothes, which while just as black as ever are most assuredly not the coat of the Organization. Though he had his doubts about stepping out into the light like this it's very clear that Xemnas no longer has his best interests in mind and so he will gladly turn his back on whatever Xemnas' plan are. There's no sense in staying with the Organization if the very leader himself has decided to keep all the power and glory for himself.

"Beyond that, however, I would agree. It is memories who makes us what we are, and if even the baser Nobodies can fight then surely we must also be able to do so. After all, it cannot be argued that we have less than they do."

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