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Under the shadows, where doubts lie [closed/narrative]

Character(s): Zexion
Content: The weighing of options
Setting: ???
Time: While people are trying to find the last door
Warnings: None

It had been a rather strange set of days, Zexion had to admit. Strange enough that under normal circumstances he would have been quite willing to seek out Lexaeus for his advice. Regrettably, however, Lexaeus hadn't been present for quite some time. What conclusion he came to it would need to be his own, and accordingly, he'd settled himself into what he considered to be his library. Of course, it wouldn't truly be the same, but it would have to do the time being.

Naturally, the first order of business was making himself comfortable, and to that end, he'd made tea - he'd made two cups, largely out of habit - before settling himself into the most comfortable chair present. Only then had he set to the problems before him. The most worrisome was obviously the recent spate of disappearances, though that had long since been a part of life here, and one that he could hardly do anything about. Yet all the same, he couldn't help but consider it to be some obscure form of abandonment and in light of the fact that so few of the Organization appeared to be left, he wondered - not for the first time - if he could consider all ties they'd once had to be quite entirely dissolved. Certainly anyone who came looking for them would have quite enough to deal with between Saïx and Xigbar, and he'd never been built for a fight. Not in nearly the same way, and given the fact that it seemed that most of the people still in the castle had made their way up to the most recent floor he would have been more than a little outclassed if he'd tried.

All the more reason for the option to simply vanish to seem exceedingly appealing. He hadn't spoken to anyone as himself for some time, and if he needed to fake his own death to keep people from looking for him he could certainly manage that. Still, there was the question of whether or not it would be advisable. Having lost track of the key players was no reason to simply remove himself from the game. Surely Xigbar would have words about that, to say nothing of Saïx and he had no great interest in stirring the anger of either of them. No, for now it was best to simply continue as he had been, and hold his cards close to the chest. He could decide what to do once he had an idea of how things might shape up in the aftermath of the door being opened.

For now, he would continue to wait, and he nodded to himself as he set down his now-empty cup before rising for his chair and leaving the room. The spare cup of tea he left behind. Sooner or later, he'd send a Dusk to be rid it of, but for now he didn't care to deal with it.