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Passage [active/OPEN]

Character(s): Open
Content: The stakes are high and the only way to go is up. People have come to this floor looking for a door, but what will they find when they go through?
Setting: Clusterfuck Floor (the highest one so far)
Time: Nighttime
Warnings: Depends on who replies, I suppose. XD
Note: Multi-thread format. Form up whatever groups you'd like! Once the door is found, I'll edit a note in here letting people know what thread to have their characters run to if you all want in on the opening action. You're looking for a giant tower, as jumbled up and mismatchy as everything else in the world. There will be the usual Castle Oblivion door somewhere in there, and you are free to write the tower however you like.

The door opening sub-thread can be found here!
Please don't worry about posting order during this thread. We're trying to push through on into endgame, so if you have an opening for your character to post in/your character has something to say, have them go ahead and say it.
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The room teeters away when the orb activates at Sora's touch, the white walls blurring apart, a dizzy feeling to the gut. When one recovers and the world seems to stabilize once more, one might find their location to be familiar.

The whole group who was in the room now finds themselves standing in, what was, The Elysian Fields. They appear long dead, the lush, white grass having withered away. The mysterious lights have also vanished, save a similar glowing, orb shaped distortion that floats behind them, offering a way back. In the distance the church, St. Destino, looks like it's barely standing. The nearby river has dried up, the surrounding ocean is nothing but sand and rock, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

And there it stands: the familiar domes of Paixao remain largely intact, but there are large tracks and signs of crumbling. The Paixao that stands here appears to be abandoned and in ruin.

Above the ruined city, hovers a floating castle; familiar symbols displayed on its exterior, but it's dwarfed in comparison to the heart, that almost resembles a moon, that dominates the sky. Teeming with power, its golden light makes gives everything a mid-day glow, despite the surrounding darkness.

Distant noise filters down from the sky above, the only sound in the otherwise desolate fields. It accompanies the static of power from the heart moon...


So many different voices, but what are they saying? They ebb and flow in volume, fading into unrecognizable murmurs. But why can't you understand them?

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((Continued here.))