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Passage [active/OPEN]

Character(s): Open
Content: The stakes are high and the only way to go is up. People have come to this floor looking for a door, but what will they find when they go through?
Setting: Clusterfuck Floor (the highest one so far)
Time: Nighttime
Warnings: Depends on who replies, I suppose. XD
Note: Multi-thread format. Form up whatever groups you'd like! Once the door is found, I'll edit a note in here letting people know what thread to have their characters run to if you all want in on the opening action. You're looking for a giant tower, as jumbled up and mismatchy as everything else in the world. There will be the usual Castle Oblivion door somewhere in there, and you are free to write the tower however you like.

The door opening sub-thread can be found here!
Please don't worry about posting order during this thread. We're trying to push through on into endgame, so if you have an opening for your character to post in/your character has something to say, have them go ahead and say it.
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Chrono finished patching up his injuries from the fight with the Neoshadows as the final sparks faded from the sky. "Hopefully we'll have help before the next wave of those things shows up." Or something bigger, he very pointedly did not say out loud. No sense in tempting fate.
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Having seen the signal in the sky and recognizing that it seemed like a signal of sorts, Twilight quickly confirmed it with the use of her journal. So, they'd actually found the next door? She was glad she'd managed to catch sight of the signal, including where it had come from, she had a far easier way to get up there than Chrono and Krichevskoy had: magic!

Teleporting all the way up the tower was a longer teleport than she felt up to, especially given she only somewhat knew where she was teleporting to. Instead so she made several smaller jumps up to the top, taking advantage of the strange buildings perchance for ledges and the like.

With a flash, Twilight appeared in the upper tower, behind Chrono and Krichevskoy. Whew! Good! She made it, and promptly too, given there was only the two here.

"So... that's the door?" she asked, alerting them of her presence.
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It had taken Yorda a long time to gather up her courage. After her encounter with Ansem and her growing dread at the thought of dying when she'd finally, finally been allowed to live, all the glowing girl had wanted to do was curl up somewhere quiet, the way she'd done when the days inside her cage on her island had grown too long and lonely. But she couldn't run, and she couldn't hide. Not from this. She had to try and help as many people as she could - she had to try. And now Urd, the one she'd looked up to as a sort of older sister (or perhaps even a mother) was gone. That had been what had spurred Yorda into moving.

The girl had taken her time that morning, bathing and washing her clothing in Macalania's lake before putting on some of the clothes Urd had given her and pulling her hair, now long, into loosely-hanging loops on the side of her head. She didn't want to cut it, despite the bother it could bring; Urd had loved her hair. With that, Yorda picked up the basket - a gift from Genie from when she had done the shopping while living with him and Urd (and a lump came into the princess' throat upon remembering him, for he was gone now, too) - and proceeded to Destiny islands, where she gathered some fresh water, coconuts, mushrooms and some strange, star-shaped fruit. She couldn't quite bring herself to catch some fish; she had loved watching them flit about underwater and didn't want to hurt them. Luckily, the basket she had been given was more than able to carry what she needed, and she gathered as much as she could. Who knew when she or anyone else who had gone up there would be able to eat again?

That done, the glowing girl squared her small shoulders and moved to the top floor. It made her nervous to go alone after all she had been through here, but her friends would never have let their own fear stop them. With that in mind, she continued, and after some time, made her way to the top.

She looked around at all the people there and sighed in relief, noting how many had made it. "I am here," she said, her soft voice carrying across the room as she looked around for people she knew.
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He's not late to the party, but he's also not joining the party. No, Hades is much further back, ominously blended together with a very large shadow. He wouldn't want to join them anyway! That brat that asked all the question was there, for one, and he had a feeling all the others she was with were just a bunch of goodie-two-shoes.

Hades did not want to be clustered with them.

Ugh. This was sickening. He was "doing the right thing." What was wrong with him?!

But he wanted out of this castle, so this was what he needed to do. This was where he needed to be.

They didn't need to know he was there.
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She falls in step with Krichevskoy, tired, but now was not the time to stop. They felt so close. The door was finally found, after all! But what was the next floor? What would they find? Gwen had never been present for a door opening before. She didn't know what to expect -- what she was supposed to expect.

Though it seemed she missed all the work Krichevskoy had to do to even get to this point. Oh well. Hopefully he would not hold it against her.

And no doubt Laharl would be along soon, as well, after Krichevskoy freed him. She hoped he was doing alright. Gwen should probably be the one to set their son loose after she had been the one to tie him up tighter, but... she's "leave" the job to Krichevskoy.

She let out a sigh. "It'll be all right," she said aloud, more to remind herself than anyone else.
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Her heart was beating hard and fast, the sound so loud she could hear it between her ears. Her heels were pounding on the ground beneath her feet as she propelled herself forward. Sure that now, after everything... now they were finally going to make it!

"Luke! There, just ahead of us!"
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Luke ran along with Tear. He could see the others gathered around... a door. They'd found it! It was both exciting and worrying. Could this be the door that would find a way home?

Sliding to a stop, he took a moment to breath deeply, trying to catch his breath. They'd had quite the trip to get here. He gave a nod of greeting to those standing at the door. "Uh... H-hey."
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The door opens to reveal a long, pristine white hall.

There's nothing of note along the way, the hall the same as any from the previous floors, the usual teleportation orb sitting off to the side against a wall.

At the end of the hall is a set of double doors, one ajar, almost welcoming into a room beyond. It's silent, save for a faint hum that grows once you're within the room. Inside is the source of the humming: a glowing, orb shaped distortion, much larger and very different than the teleport orbs of the previous floors, floats off the floor in the center of the room. It pulses with an array of lights that bathes the walls in color.
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The walls were once again a bad memory of what happened when Emizel was captured. At least now he's been better at hiding his discomfort in rooms like this, however, there was no reason at all be perfectly calm with this either.

"... Where are you going?" he glanced at Krichevskoy, and accidentally sounded more snappy than he meant. The uneasiness was getting to him more than he wanted to admit.
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Twilight was quick to approach the strange new orb... though not TOO close. She circled it, closely examining it.

"Well, it's definitely different from those other orbs... very different. I wonder what it does," she commented aloud, looking thoughtful. Was it also a transportation... thing?

"Not that I think anypony should try touching it yet," she added.
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"Good luck," she had told Krichevskoy before he left. He might need it.

Gwen walked around the perimeter of the room, trying to find anything else of note, but nothing else stood out. The different colored lights held much of her attention.

"No, I wouldn't try to activate it yet. I'd be more comfortable with some other firepower before we try anything." She's also be more comfortable with her family present, but any extra aid would be nice.
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"Hopefully we'll have that much time to sit around," it was also still concerning that there still hadn't been a single sign of the Organization yet either, as far as Emizel was aware of. They surely must have known they were here, so why were they no where to be found.

"It's been way too quiet."
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To fill the time until Krichevskoy's return, Chrono set about analyzing the sphere with his Device and a few small data-gathering spells. "The energy it's constructed from appears to be in a stable form for now. That's not saying it won't change as soon as someone touches it, but comparing its signature to the orbs we've encountered before suggests that it serves much the same purpose - physical translocation of whoever touches it. Possibly everyone else in the room too, as big as it is."

If he was at all discomfited by the talking pony or the being lurking in the shadows (hi, Hades), he didn't show it. "We should rest up while we can. There's no telling what's on the other side of that thing."
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He was a bit later than he would have liked to have been, but to say this place was distracting would be an understatement. There were more than a few chunks of familiar structures and terrain he'd seen so far. The Doctor hadn't been able to come up with any reason for it all though. It seemed a bit like, however, someone's messy closet. Like bits of unusable parts had been just thrown here, so to speak.

Anyways, he'd rushed up the tower as soon as he found out it was the place to be. He was a little disappointed to find the door already open, but what was through it certainly hadn't been what they'd been expecting, was it?

Not that anyone knew what to expect, but still.

"So, this is it?," the Doctor said, as he arrived in the room with the large orb. "...Not much is it?" Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, he also started scanning the orb, curious to see if he could scan what it was--or if it was going to have to be another of those magic, explainable things.
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Luke didn't want to say he was disappointed at this, seemingly final room, but it definitely seemed lack-luster compared to what they'd had to go through to find it. Although, of course, there was no telling where the large orb could possibly take them... if it was a teleport device, anyways.

He hung back, leaning against the wall. He didn't know anything about this sort of stuff, so it was best to keep out of the way, he figured. Glancing to Tear, he kept quiet, just ready to do whatever he had to when a decision of what next to do was made.
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"Sorry we're late."

Aqua stepped into the room, keyblade in hand still, from removing a few more Heartless from the tower on their way up, to ensure the path would be clear for any of the others on the way behind them.

She'd never seen an orb like the one that floated in the room.
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"Something 'not much' can still be dangerous," Blue comments. She's taken to leaning against a wall after getting there, arms crossed, peering around like she's waiting for anything to jump out at them. At least she recognizes many of these people. The Doctor, the boy she climbed the tower with, the pony she remembers from a Paixao alley. Others felt familiar, too.
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Loud footsteps resonated across the room before Priere finally erupted in. She hadn’t been paying attention to what had been happening at all, instead having focused her attention on the small pissed off demon back on the lower floors. So of course, when Krichevskoy mentioned that the final door was opened and that he was getting Laharl out, she simply dashed off before he could do anything else.

She still wasn’t sure just how the kid would react, so for her own sake, she’d better be able to arrive before him. Luckily, it seemed as she did beat the two of them to the door. Hopefully this would give her time to catch her breath before everything started.
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Sora shoved past the growing crowd at the door, and walked down the hall to the glowing orb. He hesitantly reached a hand out and looked back at the crowd.

"Come on, let's stop Xemnas!"

Sora then touched the orb.
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The room teeters away when the orb activates at Sora's touch, the white walls blurring apart, a dizzy feeling to the gut. When one recovers and the world seems to stabilize once more, one might find their location to be familiar.

The whole group who was in the room now finds themselves standing in, what was, The Elysian Fields. They appear long dead, the lush, white grass having withered away. The mysterious lights have also vanished, save a similar glowing, orb shaped distortion that floats behind them, offering a way back. In the distance the church, St. Destino, looks like it's barely standing. The nearby river has dried up, the surrounding ocean is nothing but sand and rock, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

And there it stands: the familiar domes of Paixao remain largely intact, but there are large tracks and signs of crumbling. The Paixao that stands here appears to be abandoned and in ruin.

Above the ruined city, hovers a floating castle; familiar symbols displayed on its exterior, but it's dwarfed in comparison to the heart, that almost resembles a moon, that dominates the sky. Teeming with power, its golden light makes gives everything a mid-day glow, despite the surrounding darkness.

Distant noise filters down from the sky above, the only sound in the otherwise desolate fields. It accompanies the static of power from the heart moon...


So many different voices, but what are they saying? They ebb and flow in volume, fading into unrecognizable murmurs. But why can't you understand them?

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((Continued here.))