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Sora ([personal profile] keyofthesky) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2013-01-14 09:13 pm
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Character(s): Sora and Axel
Content: Sora and Axel have a chance encounter. Can Sora inspire a change of heart?
Setting: The Castle Oblivion hallway before Destiny Islands.
Time: Late morning
Warnings: Sad stuff? 8(

Sora walked out of the double doors leading to the Destiny Islands floor. He was planning on heading down to the Paixao floor and meeting up with anyone who wanted to help plan, and figure out the best way to stop Xemnas. But he hesitated in uncertainty, if only for a moment. 

What if they weren't able to do it, he wondered, what if Xemnas really did have Kingdom Hearts, and he was too powerful.

Sora shook those thoughts from his head as he headed towards the next door.

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