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so i set the world on fire. ( active / open )

Character(s): Galaxia & OPEN (party style)
Content: The golden queen discovers heartless... and decides to see what they can do. This is bad news for your characters...
Setting: Near St. Destino's. (Thought you could escape, did you?)
Time: Afternoonly.
Warnings: Fighting, general big bad psychoticness stuff.

She hadn't exactly been in the city long before the shadows began to stir. She felt them before they could be seen -- the small creatures that began to grow in number, following the steps that she took towards the church near-by. She had seen others go through the building, and not come out; knew that it was likely the pathway to the higher floors. And certainly -- knew that others would come to gather at a place like this. Which of course, meant that there was good reason to believe that those worthy, perhaps even in possession of a sailor crystal -- would also arrive at this place.

With her arms crossed, she continued to ignore the small creatures -- she was confident that they wouldn't attack someone like her -- someone obviously far above their skill level. But why exactly they still hung around... she was still trying to figure out.
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The current top floor had proven fruitful for Yuuri; she had stumbled on a particular "piece of world" that seemed to be linked to her home, providing her with plenty of witches to destroy. While she cursed the fact that after a while, she seemed to have lost sight of said world, she still had enough Grief Seeds to last her for quite a bit. She wouldn't have to worry about using up too much power.

She came down from the higher castle floors to come back to what was left of Paixao. She couldn't care about the other floors much; her real targets were most likely on the main floor after all.

She had de-transformed herself, trying to avoid suspicions to her actual identity, especially since it seemed that stupid demon was still alive, and those two girls got stuck in a Labyrinth with her. Sadly, it seemed that she would have to waste energy once more; a few heartless decided to immediately jump on her seconds after she stepped out of the church!

'Sad' for them at least...

"I don't have time to waste on weaklings like you!" She snapped, taking out her Soul Gem and transforming, immediately summoning a few machine guns and disintegrating the shadows in mid-leap. They were nothing compared to witches after all.
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A few more heartless went up in smoke before the various machine guns suddenly disappeared. For a second, it almost seemed as if she had given up on trying to fight the mass of darkness; until a rather large bull seemingly came out of nowhere, charging at the heartless.

She wasn't giving up as much as fighting the heartless was incredibly boring for her. Sure, there was a lot of them, but they were hardly a challenge. She simply jumped leaped up on Cole, crouching on her bull as he rammed through, clearing a path.

It was only then that she finally noticed she wasn't alone. It was fast, as Cole was moving along quite rapidly, but she managed to glimpse at the newcomer. The outfit caught her eye; no one "normal" would wear such a thing after all.

There was another magical girl on her territory.
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Cole stomped his way to a stop, Yuri's eyes never leaving the other magical girl. She wasn't naive enough to miss the other woman's tone, not would she have ever imagined that she had been serious in the first place. Anyone with an once of power could see just how weak the Heartless were; weak, but still a nuisance in the end. There was no pride in defeating them, they were barely worth her time and precious magic.

She ignored the rest, Cole could kick away any stray creature that came too close, and focused her attention on the trespasser. "Weak creatures that trespass on my territory deserve nothing more than to die," she finally simply answered, her voice cold.

This included other magical girls.
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"Heh, heh, heh. Is that a challenge?" Yuuri's cold as ice facade broke, revealing a mad, sadistic grin. Cole leaped back to her side, crouching his head down in defiance.

The other magical girl was clearly older than her; a veteran perhaps? It didn't matter much to her, experienced or not, magical girl or witch... in the end, she'd crush anyone who would dare to stand against her.