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Ventus ([personal profile] windybonds) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2012-12-04 09:41 pm
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Character(s): Ventus, Aqua
Content: Two friends have an important talk about the future.
Setting: The Destiny Islands floor (aka Keyderp Camp)
Time: Backdated to about a week ago.

Lately, Ven had been doing a little too much thinking, and not enough doing. That wasn't normal for him, since he was usually so active, usually occupied with something or other. But he'd had too much on his mind lately, and he'd been putting off and putting off getting it resolved. He had to talk to someone, because being afraid of the answers wasn't doing him any good.

Whatever was going to happen...because, truth be told, he knew that it was something...he would have to face it eventually. He'd rather know about it, instead of acting like he didn't think anything was wrong.

That's why, when he's looking for Aqua today, he doesn't look quite like his usual, cheerful self. He's bad at hiding when he's got something on his mind, especially when he's not really trying to. Right now, he just hopes that he can track her down.

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