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Character(s): Ventus, Aqua
Content: Two friends have an important talk about the future.
Setting: The Destiny Islands floor (aka Keyderp Camp)
Time: Backdated to about a week ago.

Lately, Ven had been doing a little too much thinking, and not enough doing. That wasn't normal for him, since he was usually so active, usually occupied with something or other. But he'd had too much on his mind lately, and he'd been putting off and putting off getting it resolved. He had to talk to someone, because being afraid of the answers wasn't doing him any good.

Whatever was going to happen...because, truth be told, he knew that it was something...he would have to face it eventually. He'd rather know about it, instead of acting like he didn't think anything was wrong.

That's why, when he's looking for Aqua today, he doesn't look quite like his usual, cheerful self. He's bad at hiding when he's got something on his mind, especially when he's not really trying to. Right now, he just hopes that he can track her down.

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Aqua had made herself comfortable on the bent over palm tree. It was pretty apparent that it was a popular spot, and she could see why. She watched the waves roll up the island's small beach.

Everything was so quiet and calm, but she couldn't shake the feeling it was a moment of calm before a storm. While Riku's concerns lay with the people of Paixao, Aqua's thoughts were on Xemnas. While it was hard to turn her back on people that deserved help, Xemnas was behind all of this. Finding him seemed more important; it could help everyone.

There was just the matter of how. She wasn't sure she could convince him to meet her again, after all.
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The sound of close by steps made her turn her head. She was, admittedly, a little surprised to find it was Ven--there were a lot of others here on the island after all. More to the point, she hadn't expected it to be Ven given how slowly he'd approached her.

Giving Ven a warm smile, she shook her head a little. "Of course, I don't mind, Ven." Aqua then scooted over a little, patting the spot beside her. "Here, have a seat."
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It was hard for Aqua not to notice that Ven seemed to be lacking his usual eagerness. He seemed very muted and quiet. It wasn't exactly surprising, however; there was a lot on all of their minds. It was unlikely that Ven was an exception to that. He probably had just as many worries as the rest of them.

Aqua had begun to wonder if she should say anything, when Ven spoke up himself.

"Of course... What is it?" Aqua replied, without hesitation.
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She had known there was no way she could ever keep these things from Ven forever. He was going to find out sooner or later. It had really been only a matter of time. Still, she thought she'd been more careful, but not careful enough, it seemed. He knew.

There was no point in trying to hide it now, though Aqua probably could never had hid her somber expression that formed upon hearing his question. She remained silent for a long moment, trying to figure out what to say; where should she begin?

"You're... you're right, Ven," she finally uttered softly, closing her eyes. "Something did happen. Something terrible."