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Sheriff Woody Pride ([personal profile] pullstringcowboy) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2012-11-14 05:45 pm
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Losing You [Active]

Character(s): Woody, OPEN
Content: Reminiscencing the past and all that has happened, Woody is on the verge losing the light of hope
Setting: Around the ruins of Paixao, near where Sora's place used to be
Time: Evening
Warnings: Sadness

Woody walked along the broken fragments of the city toward what used to be home. It wasn’t hard for Woody to sneak past people, but he sometimes he wondered if he should even bother. Honestly though, he felt… He didn’t want to say empty or-lonely but… Woody couldn’t feel as optimistic as he did before. Especially with all that has happened. And… Seeing friends come and go… It only just occurred to him. Woody was the only toy left.

Sitting down on one of the rocks, leaning against the rubble. Woody lifted his legs and brought them to his chest. Holding himself closer to the broken remains of where his memories stayed. Woody could practically feel himself become lost in his thoughts, hopes and dreams. He wanted to cry, he just wanted to go back home. He wanted to see his friends again, he wanted that love again, and just the warmth of a hug would be good enough. But… It was never that easy was it? Not anymore anyway.

Woody couldn’t bring himself to even ask on the message boards for someone to come to him. His pride wouldn’t let him, he convinced himself that maybe if he just let himself be alone for a bit, he’ll be all right. But… Why does being lonely hurt so much? There a muffled choke in what sounded like his voice was cracking from bursting into tears, even though nothing came from his plastic eyes. How could it anyway? He was just a toy.

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