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Judge Nemo ([personal profile] herholyname) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2012-06-12 03:56 pm

A little business on the side [narrative]

Character(s): Nemo
Content: Nemo goes on a shopping trip.
Setting: The Netherworld
Time: Sometime during Week 41
Warnings: None.

So there was a netherworld located in this place after all. Nemo hadn't believed it at first, the idea of a castle large enough to host several "worlds" being preposterous enough as it was, but with all the people on the message board going on and on about these different places on every floor, he thought he might as well take a peek for himself. Humans may have been a bunch of liars, but that many people couldn't possibly have collaborated on something like this all for a stupid prank.

And so here he was. It was a bit disappointing that this wasn't the Netherworld he was so used to dealing with, and a little frustrating that despite their differences they were as similar as they were. A bunch of useless, lazy demons attached to some kind of Earth... That kid may have mentioned that his Netherworld was different than the one he knew, but Nemo still wouldn't mind wiping it off the face of existence. But... not yet. Not while it still had a good shop.

Sure, there were plenty of shops in the city, and they all had their uses, but they still didn't have anything with that... punch Nemo needed. A Netherworld, a land that practically thrived on violence and mayhem... Now that was more like it.

"About how long would it take to place a special order?" the judge asked, walking up to the shop counter. "Money's not a problem, by the way. Feel free to extort me for as much as you want."

The shopkeeper gave the man a strange look. It was already odd enough that so many humans were appearing here, but there was just something about this guy in particular that really made her suspicious. However... he was a paying customer. And willing to shell out everything he had. She gave her answer and Nemo nodded. ...Man she hated that smug smirk on his face.

"Good, good. I'll come pick it up then. Here's a down payment, just to make sure it gets here."

He set the HL on the counter, and in a flash of light he was gone.

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