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Death Emizel ([personal profile] trademark_skull) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2012-02-24 12:04 pm
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Still searching [Active]

Character(s): Emizel and Judge Nemo (Oh dear..)
Content: Still looking for NiGHTS, but it's not going too well. Trolling ensues.
Setting: Paixao Streets
Time: Awhile after this, getting really close to nighttime. (Week 37 Backdate)
Warnings: None... yet

Emizel should have been paying closer attention to where he was walking or else he might bump into something he didn't mean to. But instead he was well absorbed by his journal. Checking for streets, buildings, anything that might give any sort of clue where NiGHTS could've been kept. He even sent a message to NiGHTS by the off chance he was already free. However, there wasn't any reply back.

"Come on, there's gotta be something..." did this city really have no place that they took prisoners to? Then again it made perfect sense that they wouldn't be listed. So of course if that really was the case, he had to keep on looking. Nothing else he could always try getting inside one of the government buildings. Surely they must have some kind of information too. This was sounding like it was getting more and more dangerous.

It was starting to get dark, not that it really bothered Emizel that much since demons tend to work better at night anyway. The only downfall is that other bad things like to come out at night as well. That and he's been at this for quite some time now and it was gonna be a long trek to get back to his room.

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