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Judge Nemo ([personal profile] herholyname) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2012-01-16 03:08 pm
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I won't stay to stand in line [active/open]

Character(s): Nemo, open
Content: Nemo tries to make friends. :D ...:D?
Setting: On the way to City Hall
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Nemo is Nemo

If you wanted to get a job done right, sometimes you just had to go do it yourself. While Nemo had managed to get in touch with the mayor, that seemed to be all he had managed to do. He would have much preferred a more deep and meaningful conversation, really, a chance for each of them to air their grievances and come to an "understanding." Not that Nemo expected anyone to understand. They were only human.

So, with the journals leading him to only the day-to-day answers, he figured it was best to go straight to the source. It didn't really matter to him whether or not the office was open. Even the slightest bit of information could help, and if he played his cards right he could have an in to whatever was going on. Someone there had to be greedy enough to talk, and given the people here's apparent love of shining objects, bribery would be simple enough.

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