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I won't stay to stand in line [active/open]

Character(s): Nemo, open
Content: Nemo tries to make friends. :D ...:D?
Setting: On the way to City Hall
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Nemo is Nemo

If you wanted to get a job done right, sometimes you just had to go do it yourself. While Nemo had managed to get in touch with the mayor, that seemed to be all he had managed to do. He would have much preferred a more deep and meaningful conversation, really, a chance for each of them to air their grievances and come to an "understanding." Not that Nemo expected anyone to understand. They were only human.

So, with the journals leading him to only the day-to-day answers, he figured it was best to go straight to the source. It didn't really matter to him whether or not the office was open. Even the slightest bit of information could help, and if he played his cards right he could have an in to whatever was going on. Someone there had to be greedy enough to talk, and given the people here's apparent love of shining objects, bribery would be simple enough.
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Had it really been more than a few weeks? Ratigan had spent his time going through the network posts, learning what he could of this city. For the most part he learned something of a Mayor, kidnappings and experiments, and how inescapable this city continues to remain. Sounds like a standard day in London.

The professor decided it best to get some fresh air (that and Felicia had been aching to go out), admire the beauty of the town for...oh why beat around the bush? Perhaps there was a hapless stooge willing to carry out a favor for him. Or perhaps a lonely old person with valuables he could rob.

And so, the rat strides into town with his giant cat in tow when he spots the first interesting character of the day. Why not humor them with a little courtesy? He tips his hat to the bearded fellow.

"Fair weather we're having, isn't it?"
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The rat patted the obese cat to stop, Felicia promptly sitting with a whump. If it was information he wanted, he'll have to speak up. As of now, Ratigan's calculating the risk of pulling anything on this guy. The fact he's human is enough to tell the rat no.

Passively he flicked at the cold air with the most complacent expression on his face.

"Weather is weather, isn't it? What catches my eye is a city sheltered beneath domes. Quite the theological project eh, old boy?"
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"More a mask than a form of protection," an inward smirk starts to form as he keeps his respective air, "Sometimes illusions are necessary for preservation, wouldn't you say?"

A little dig at religion? Of course. First time in a long while he's had much intellectual stimulation, it's a refreshing change of pace.

"A week, but far too long for one of my intellectual standing," he sighed, softly petting the contented feline.
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Yes, nasty things...nothing Ratigan would know about not at all. The professor would find it hilarious anyway.

"Yes, a sort of upstanding member of the community," must he chuckle through everything? Yes.

Felicia flashes a brief smirk as the rat gives a brief laugh. Courteous of them all, Ratigan bows respectively.

"Professor Ratigan, good fellow. And now extending me the same courtesy with your name?"
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A judge, you say? Perhaps getting with the man's good favors might add extra leeway to his illicit activities, he knows how corrupt judges can get.

Motioning for his cat to stand, the professor rises from his bow.

"Yes, I'm a mouse of impeccable manners after all. And how is the justice business, eh old boy?"
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Ratigan takes much amusement out if it, if not for different reasons. He couldn't help but smile as the man said 'hole in the system'. Ah yes, he'd know about those kind of gaps in the system.

"Extremely disappointing. To new beginnings, if you're more inclined toward the optimistic."

He couldn't help say that with the touch of irony. Boy this man held the inclination to talkativeness.

"Mice and men have a more peaceful coexistence in humble England. As for yours truly? I started just as any simple mouse starts: from humble beginnings, but with the right ingenuity you can find yourself at the highest tier of mousedom, maybe even a royal adviser."

At least he would if the damned city didn't rudely interrupt him.
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Oh the irony's just pouring, isn't it? That slimy grin spreads across his face, "We know to keep our distance. I prefer my affairs to be settled beyond prying eyes."

Trust him, he would...though the Judge's wording is curious. Felicia and the professor trade an intrigued look before drawing his attention back to this so-called human.

"And what of you, Judge? Straying from the human pool? Quite the challenge given you share the same species."
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Sorry, you wanted a therapist? Nope, no empathy here. Ratigan never wanted to even try to understand, but hey, it helps to get a good feel for the place, talking with the residents here.

"I understand, Judge. I'm a private my person myself, settling business matters of my own accord. The work of an professor is never done."

Well work of a different kind, but it's a half-truth at best.
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Oooh, you just hit the jackpot. Ratigan's huge ego will double in size with any flattery. With his hands he gestures to himself to agree wordlessly that yes, he is damn independent. But he wouldn't give his personal information at one little compliment.

"In my business it's the most independent soul that has the longest stay. Mixing with rabble can prove... inconvenient."

Except when he's ripping them off or just plain offing them, but that's child's play.

"An intelligent judge like yourself would agree, yes?"
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All depends indeed. And sorry, but a person who has the title of judge doesn't completely win this rat's full confidence. A flamboyant flutter of his hand simply waves off the issue as if it were no concern.

"What indeed." he snickered, "Of course I mean those who seek to impede my business--busybodies and the like. Mixing with their ilk is a compound for disaster. Wouldn't you agree?"
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"My point exactly, good judge," at least someone agreed, "Oh, the rabble, when do they ever learn?"

He stroked Felicia as he mockingly adopted a contemplative pose, "Ah well, they'll learn soon enough, won't they baby?"

He chuckled as if sharing a terrible joke. The judge couldn't say no to a little light-hearted (what he considered 'light-hearted') fun, could he?