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knock the world right off its feet and straight onto its head ( active )

Character(s): Axel & Demyx (closed)
Content: Just some Nobody gossip... no big deal...
Setting: One of the higher floors of the Castle; HQ
Time: Right before this
Warnings: Laziness. Verbal burns.

Swinging his head from side to side as he entered the room, Axel breathed a sigh of relief seeing that the place was empty. He wandered over to one of the couches and plopped himself down onto its cushions, and frowned, leaning an elbow onto one of the arms.

There was way too much going on lately. Whatever happened to the good old carefree days? He couldn't even remember the last time he had some ice cream. Of course, that led to thoughts about Roxas and Xion... and how deep they the hole they were digging themselves into was becoming. He had to figure out a solution to this... one that would get both of them back, while still making everything seem like it was business as usual...

awsdfghjl sorry, life ate me. DX

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Demyx had been mostly keeping out of the way- out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, maybe not with Saix... X-face was pretty persistent when he had something in mind. But no one had been chasing down the ninth for much of anything recently, and he was totally ok with that.

He wandered into the gray room, a little surprised to see someone in there, but it was just Axel, so that couldn't be that bad, right?

"Hey!" the blonde greeted in his normal pretend cheeriness, flopping down on one of the other couches.

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Well, yea, ok increased workload made sense. Less members here right now, soooo more work for the rest of them. But Demyx just grinned. "Hey, no one's actually given me anything to do, and if I don't hear it, I don't know about it!" He paused, and then added. "Don't tell me about work I should maybe be doing. Don't wanna hear it."

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"I guess, but I'd really rather not hear it at all." Though, with Demyx, the idea of work was a bit 'out of sight, out of mind' as it was. (Hence the cue cards.) Still, he didn't seem to mind but so much- within seconds of finishing his rather poor comeback, he was humming cheerfully without an apparent care in the world.

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"Nooo..." Demyx said, though his tone was a little evasive. Demyx was not very good at 'evasive,' however, so the elaboration came soon after. "I mean. I don't have a mission to remember things about right now. And if I do have one, I... don't remember."

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Ignorance was bliss, Axel. Better learn it.

Though, the ending up a Dusk thing wasn't something he really wanted to happen. He sighed, rather dramatically, frowning now with his 'mood' seeming to plummet. "Yea..." he said, though as usual his tone was more of a whine, "but seriously, what are we even doing in this place?"

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Demyx had been following, right up until the 'old buddy' part. He really didn't know what Axel was talking about, and while he was more than willing to admit it, he would like to do it in a not-obvious-so-people-can't-make-fun-of-him way. "What do you mean?" he asked. Ok, maybe that wasn't the best way... he really needed to work on this.

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"Oh! Right." Hey, there were lots of people the Organization didn't like! It wasn't his fault that he didn't know which one was making trouble at the moment. Or Axel's nicknames for them all. "What's he doing now?"

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"Oh. I thought there was something else." Sure, that was bad, but it could be worse. "'Cause, you know. At least we can sorta deal with that."

By 'we,' of course, he meant 'you-guys-and-sort-of-me-because-being-a-Dusk-would-suck.' "Still, kind of wish he... wouldn't. How come he isn't a Dusk yet? Bossman can't find him?"
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Yeah... he's pretty sure that's what you mean anyway, slacker. "I doubt it," really, Axel didn't know that much about the inner workings either. It had been a long time since Saïx included him in his immediate 'circle of trust' or whatever you wanted to call it these days. 'Circle of misery' was maybe a little more accurate... if they could feel something like that.

"You really think he'd be alive right now if someone could catch him?" Honestly, Axel was half-surprised they hadn't given him orders to go and take XI down, himself. Surprised -- and maybe a little concerned.
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"Well, how should I know? Maybe there's some sneaky plan or something, I dunno." Demyx shrugged. "'Sides, it's not like we've got an active manhunt on him or anything, right? It's kind of weird."
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Axel wasn't so convinced. Just because they didn't know anything about any such hunt... definitely didn't mean that there wasn't one going on. Especially with all the little secrets Saïx seemed to be keeping, lately... "You volunteering?" he smirked.

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"What? No! Nononono." Demyx gave a nervous laugh, waving his hands a little for emphasize. "You know me, I'm not really up for confrontation-y missions! I'd be eaten alive!"
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Eyeroll. Though the reaction was enough to spawn a smirk from the redhead, too. If there were few things these days to get his mind off of the misery that was the Organization, getting Demyx worked up was on the list. "Oh come on, you'd be the perfect candidate. He'd never see it coming."
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"Yea, maybe he wouldn't, but that wouldn't matter because once the surprise wore off I'd still be dead." Demyx pouted, managing to look very convincing miserable. "You wouldn't do that to me, riiiight?"
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"Perish the thought," Axel offered with feigned innocence. "But we all know things that aren't left up to Nobodies like you and me..."