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Character(s): Belle and Open! {Hyenas welcome.}
Content: Belle's adventurous spirit has taken her to a foreign landscape. (To be announced.)
Setting: Near Matteus Museum of Art.
Time: Mid-Morning - Week 33
Warnings: To be determined.

It wasn't hard to find a basket that matched the one she had back in France. Belle hadn't wasted any time in filling the basket with books, either. Some things would never change, it seemed - though Belle had no desire to lose her passion for the written word. She lost herself daily in a book or two, fascinated to find out how each story ended. These days, it was one of the few things that kept her from worrying herself sick.

Today, however, she elected to spend her time walking about the city. There hadn't been many places to travel to in her tiny village; when she was at Beast's castle, she had spent more time inside than out. Thus this was a rare opportunity.

Swinging her basket to and fro, Belle stepped lightly through the streets, her gaze passing from one building to another. Nothing really caught her attention until she saw the art museum. Pausing, she looked around and bit her lip.

Did she feel like looking at artwork? If she was honest with herself, the prospect of spending time in a quiet building didn't appeal to her. She had been in the library for far too long already - not that she hadn't enjoyed it. It was just...

She needed a change of pace. She needed to find some way to come to a decision about the turn her life had taken. What was she going to tell Beast? Should she tell him the truth and risk scaring him away or should she bottle up her feelings and pretend like little had changed between them?

The latter option wasn't right and she knew it. He deserved to know the truth and she had to be brave enough to tell him.

But how?

Sighing breathily, the girl sat down in front of the museum and pulled a book out of her basket.

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