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On Letting Go [Active]

Character(s): Timon, Pumbaa, and the cubs Simba, Kiara and Kovu.
Content: Days of Our Lions goes on.
Setting: The zoo that has become of Vyers' apartment.
Time: Morning.
Warnings: Manly tears and bromance?

Even after they had been assured Simba would be alright Timon showed no signs of leaving the lion’s side. He remained seated across from him on the couch, a notable look of worry still written on his face. It may not have appeared so, but the meerkat was incredibly grateful for Dagger’s aid, relieved to know his pal would be alright… this time. But would he be so lucky the next? Would Kovu be there to fend for Simba? Even if he grounded the lion for life, restricted him from ever leaving the apartment, he knew it would be pointless. Zira and had found him once and she had more than enough determination to find him again.

Having heard Kiara mention she was going to check on Kovu, Timon watched Kiara head out to the balcony, his own thoughts wandering to Pumbaa. Unsure whether or not the warthog had woken from the amount of noise in the room, though Timon highly doubted it, he went to check on his friend.

He effortlessly climbed onto one of the warthogs tusk and took firm hold of his ear to speak into it. “Pumbaa,” the meerkat said hoarsely, “Pumbaa, are you awake?” Feeling the warthog move beneath him, Timon was only met with disappointment when he receive a loud snore in response. A heavy sigh escaped him. Honestly, Pumbaa could sleep through an earthquake. “Pumbaa, wake up.” He tried again, this time a little louder to get the reply consisting only of ‘grubs’. The meerkat frowned and after a moment, climbed back down to deliver a good kick to the warthog’s backside. Normally he’d of chosen the pigs stomach, but the last time he had kicked Pumbaa there all plant and animal life within’ a mile radius had dropped dead. Besides, they wanted Simba to wake up.

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