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We're on a train! [Active/Closed]

Character(s): Demyx and Rikku
Content: A random encounter!
Setting: The train.
Time: Week 29, afternoon.
Warnings: There shouldn't be? a sucky intro post?

Demyx had never really been on a train before. There weren't any in the World that Never Was. Well, maybe there had been, and he just... hadn't noticed. However, trains seemed pretty awesome, and kind of stood out, so he was pretty sure there wasn't one there.

However, Paixao did have a train. So Demyx decided to go see what they were like.

They weren't nearly as exciting as he'd thought, apparently. Mostly sitting, and watching stuff go by, and waiting, and sitting. Which was kind of boring. But hey, at least he couldn't get sent out on missions when he was out here, right?


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As for Rikku, she was on the train for more practical reasons. It was a long walk from the apartment to Cid's Shop, but from the central station it was just a hop, skip, and a jump. She sort of regretted not being able to make it over sooner, and she was debating sending Cid a note that she was coming, but ultimately decided against it.

It was kind of weird, watching the people here. The more of the locals she saw, the more similarities she noticed. The color scheme, of course, had been obvious from day one. But there was something about the way they acted, the way they talked, that kind of weirded her out. The last thing she wanted to say was that they all sounded the same to her, but it was also the closest thing to the truth.

Presently someone else got on board, and he instantly stood out to her, if only because he wasn't dressed all fancy like them. Aha! she thought, This could be more interesting.

She got up and approached him, holding an overhead bar for balance as the train went into motion. "Hi there! You're not from around here, either, are you?" she greeted him brightly.

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Rikku couldn't restrain a chuckle at David's frankness. "I'm Rikku." Although she agreed on the creepiness thing, though, she chose not to comment on that in front of a whole train full of them. Instead, she took a seat just across the aisle from him. "Have you been here real long?" she asked, trying to make small talk on a different subject. "It's only been a coupla weeks, for me."

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Rikku nodded. Maybe he was a little mixed up, but she didn't blame him. "Yeah, I think I get what you're saying," she said amiably. "It's a little confusing for everybody at first. I mean, I sure don't understand everything yet!" She paused a moment, though, concerned. "You said something about weird creatures, right? I'd heard there were fiends in the city..."