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The arrival of a king [ Active // Open ]

Character(s): Mufasa, whomever wishes to approach him
Content: Perplexed and a bit worried, the king arrives at the Vanaheim gate.
Setting: Vanaheim -> wandering
Time: late morning, early week 26
Warnings: None yet.

Mufasa, quite used to the muted sunlight that filtered into the back of the pride's sleeping chambers, awoke to an oddly bright sunlight. He lifted his head, immediately alert.

"..Where?" Muttering to himself with a cocked brow, he stood and gave his great mane a shake, mahogany eyes falling immediately on the line leading into a large...odd looking cave. The first thoughts through his head were for his only son, Simba, his mate, Sarabi, and then to his pride. He then wondered about Zazu, and whether or not the hornbill would be around shortly to explain to him what this odd change of scenery can be attributed to. Then, his thoughts shifted to the lack of any familiar scents of home. There was only the odd stink of those two-legged animals lining up at the cave, and then, mingling with that, an overwhelming smell of water and subtler one of grass.

His brows knitted and he took long strides towards the line, approaching one to inquire about the situation. "Pardon, bu--" His brows raised and his head jerked back as he hadn't even the chance to finish his sentence before he was so rudely interrupted. One ear laid back and a corner of his jowls turned up into an insulted snarl, but he dropped it. They apparently didn't know who he was, so now wasn't the time to let his temper show its face.

Instead, he did as the stranger rudely told him to do and followed the crowd, getting in line. The whole time he turned the situation over and over in his mind, until it was his turn to come to the gate. He tried to ask questions again, but was again denied, saying that their wasn't time, and he'd find answers inside the city's walls. He was also given an odd contraption, which came suggested as a vital means of communication within the city. He let the two-legged, hairless thing put it around his neck before striding in, his paws making no sound on the earth beneath him.

Inside, the place was crawling with those two-legged creatures, like a termite mound, they were inescapable, but they seemed..dead inside almost..just like termites. But where were the answered he needed, and what was this thing around his neck for? He sighed and looked around, his expression somber with the worry that bore down on his consciousness. He started to wander, trying to explore and familiarize himself with this odd and humongous cave that seemed to have light inside. And whole was..overwhelming, but the king took everything in stride with a regal grace as he tried to at least figure out the lay of the land, ignoring the wide girth the creatures around gave him. The space was actually appreciated, but he did try to appear welcoming and calm to those whose eyes he met with on his way.

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