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Open for Business [Active/Open]

Character(s): Megara, open to all (Rose? Tiana? Yuna? EMPLOYEES?)
Content: Megara reopens the Seventh Heaven, hoping some new employees (and customers) stop by.
Setting: Seventh Heaven [G7]
Time: Week 20, morning
Warnings: Probably none.
Note: This thread will be like any large group threads with encounters divided by comment string. Feel free to start your own or jump into someone elses!

This was probably a mistake. Meg had never operated a business before; it was pretty counter-intuitive to the whole "eternal slave to the god of death" thing. Working for Hades left little time to get comfortable and situated, after all. And even when he didn't specifically need her for, say, seducing some monster of legend to his side or spying on the enemy, her lot in life meant getting close to anyone was heartbreak in the making.

But working for Tifa as a waitress at the Seventh Heaven had given her a small glimmer of pride and accomplishment that she kept inside herself and would never admit to. Now with the former boss presumably vanished to where she came from, Meg wasn't about to let the one good part of this stupid place lay abandoned and forgotten on the wayside...even if it meant she had to take up the reins herself.

Now she unlocked the door and opened the curtains, lighting the lamps and just generally getting ready for the day. Of course, until Rose or Yuna's friend came along, the Seventh Heaven wouldn't be offering any food, for everyone's sake. But she could mix a drink and serve the already premade snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Megara took her position behind the bar and began to wipe the counter down, ready for the day.

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