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King in Exile

Who: Simba, and anyone who wants to meet him! *Looks at Timon*
What: Simba ariives in Paixao.
When: Morning-Afternoon.
Where: Joutenheim Gate
Warnings: Unless Scar shows up, none.

Simba woke up slowly, just like every other day he had spent in the jungle, so it took him a little while to realize that he wasn’t there anymore. The large lion rolled to his feet, stretched, and yawned.

He was much more awake once he realized that he wasn’t in the jungle anymore, and that Timon and Pumba were nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t too worried about them though. They could take care of themselves. He was mostly surprised that he woke up in a place so much different from where he fell asleep.

Simba looked around, but the only place to go was toward this odd gate, the only opening in what looked like a large dome. Curious, the lion strolled over, and discovered a line of...things. He had never seen these bipedal creatures before. They had strange patterns of fur, and odd faces. Still, he was more curious than uncomfortable, and he approached the line and waited like everyone else.

There was another bipedal thing standing at the entrance. It held some floppy things in its…paw, and handed one to Simba. “Welcome to Paixao,” it said.

“Thanks.” Simba didn’t take the pamphlet, as it didn’t smell like something he should put in his mouth. The thing talked to him again before he was allowed into the city. “What’s your name?”


The thing nodded, and let Simba pass, where he was just confronted with yet another one. It immediately handed the lion a strange blocky devise. Simba took it in his mouth, and walked away. He didn’t know what it was, but he didn’t like the taste of it. He spat it on the ground and pushed it here and there like a kitten with a possible new toy, but he lost interest, and left it on the ground.

Simba took a moment to look around. He had no idea what this place was, but it was filled with strange structures, and the bipedal creatures were literally everywhere. He spotted a few animals here and there, but found that they were either fake or dead when he approached them, which was a shame since he was starting to realize how hungry he was. He continued to roam the streets, trying to follow his nose on a small quest for food.

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