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Do not meddle in the affairs of witches, for you are flammable. [Active, Open]

Character(s): Marisa Kirisame, Naja salaheem, Sara Sidle, Demyx
Content: Marisa enters Paixao, meets some interesting and informative people. Then, a wild Demyx appears!
Setting: Muspelheim Gate
Time: Morning
Warnings: Implied immolation?

It was like one of those moments where a long and complex chain of thoughts suddenly snaps and falls away and you can no longer remember anything about the long and drawn out thoughts you had just spent 30 minutes postulating except physical, Marisa was standing on a soft patch of well worn grass she’d never stood on before, in front of a city gate she’d never crossed through and behind her was nothing but a soft open plains and a shallow white seashore. She knew it must have been quite some to do for her to get all the way here, what with the rather important looking intricate gold veins of fire climbing the city gate, but it was as if the journey must have slipped her mind since she couldn’t summon any reasons that might have brought her to such a strange crossroad.
While the grassy knolls behind her certainly seemed more inviting, the city ahead was more likely to help the young witch uncover the secret of her missing memories and she agreed with herself to go ahead and sate her curiosity within the city and then to go explore the fields.
With a soft step and a light spring Marisa advanced on the city gate with a blatant disregard for human life, swinging gracefully through each and every person rightfully in line in front of her until she arrived at the gate booth, where a wonderfully sugar-coated attendant spewed, “name?”
“Marisa Kirisame, ze~” She slapped her hands on the table and leaned in close.
“Now listen I-“
“Welcome to Paixao, enjoy your visit”, the attendant walked all over her verbally, all the while maintaining his pixel perfect smile plastered across his face and handed her a stack of paper, plastic and detritus.
With that, the line advanced carelessly and pushed Marisa forward, landing her against the ground with a “Wait I wasn*whack*” and then a long silence.

Moments later, swift flash and a small wisp of black smoke can be seen rising above the horizon from where the booth once stood and with that Marisa had taken her first steps the city of Paixao.

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Naja finally put one of her hobbies to use, after a bit of work. In her hands she had a fair stack of hand-written, quite nice looking, pamphlets. She made sure that if she saw any of the lame, badly done, "official" city ones, that she tore them out of the person's hand, ripped it up, and gave them a proper one.

"Hey, you!" And so she was chasing down the next victim new arrival and got in front of the girl, holding out a pamphlet to her, the front reading: 'THE TRUTH ABOUT PAIXAO: WHAT THE CITIZENS DON'T TELL YOU very well.'

"Rrrread this, kid. It's got everything ya need to know 'bout this sketchy place. Least everything that we all know. Ya probably ain't gonna like it though, unless you were dead before, then I bet you'd be charrrmed."

If the girl happened to take it and look, the inside had a fair listing of:
-Paixao is an island that no one has managed to get off of.
-That's right no one. We're all trapped here, sorry, kittens.
-The citizens are useless. Don't even try talking to them.
-Some lumen critters, bunch o' different forms, can get nasty.
-"Organization" .. keep away from them. They use to wear black robes, but most figure they've changed now. But they're bad news.
-Some people just disappear out of nowhere and don't come back. No one knows why. It just happens. Could be good, could be bad.

And then, scrawled in ink along some side that looks like she must've done it while she was walking: -There's some strange creatures that showed up not long ago that shoot needles. They're still here.

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Sara had walked to the gate with Naja, having spent the past few days wandering with her and helping with the pamphlets. Now, they were on a small mission to hand them out at the various gates, arriving at Muspelhiem in order to start.

She watched as Naja handed out the pamphlets, then ripped up the informational sheet that the guards handed out when people entered. It was an amusing sight, to be complete honest.

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Naja laughed at the girl. An odd one, that was for certain. She tossed a grin over her shoulder towards Sara and then pointed down at the journal. "That thing is more useful than you'd think. The journals help get in contact with folk and find out when nasty, terrible things are going on." Which as of late was this monster-attack stuff going on.

She still hadn't found out much on what the creatures were, but between her and Sara they managed to avoid any other ones since that first battle. Naja was quite pleased to have a Sentinel under her command, and the extra help with the pamphlets was nice.

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Hopefully out of sight, Demyx materialized on a nearby rooftop. This time, instead of street clothes, he had on his full black coat, with the hood raised to obscure his face. He was here on business. (Unfortunately.)

He sighed as he peered down upon the scene below. Just the usual, people welcoming newcomers. Frankly, he'd rather be doing that. How did he keep winding up with assignments like this, even when he weaseled out of them? They knew it wasn't his forte, and yet they kept making him do it. Secretly, Demyx suspected they just liked mocking him when he screwed up.

Reaching into his pocket, he produced the photo he'd been given of his target and looked it over for comparison. Sara Sidle. Yep, that was her down there, all right. (Shoot.) He put it away and started racking his brain for a plan. To make this easiest, he'd want to get her away from the others first, and then... well, then what?

He'd have to cross that bridge when he got there.

The first thing that jumped to mind was a distraction, and the first distraction that jumped to mind was in form the stray rocks up on the roof with him. He plucked up a few of them, pebble-sized, and chucked one down the few stories at her head.

It missed, and clacked to the sidewalk a few feet behind her. Internally swearing, Demyx ducked quickly behind the edge of the roof in case she'd noticed it. Man, this was so not going to work.

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Sara stood off to the side as Naja and the new woman chatted about the pamphlet and the journals. She looked over at the gate, and had a thought about making a break for the outside world. But, she decided against it...It's not like she could get off the island anyway. She was pretty much trapped here.

She heard a clack, and turned to see a small rock that had apparently just landed behind her. She looked around, and seeing nobody, shrugged it off. Maybe kicked by one of the citizens walking around this area. Nothing to be concerned about at this point.

"Hey, Naja. Give me some of those and I'll go over there and hand them to people who don't look like citizens." She held her hand out for some of the pamphlets, while using her other hand to gesture towards a location closer to the gate.

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She glanced over at Sara briefly, split her pile of pamphlets, and handed them over to her Sentinel with a grin. The woman would certainly make it up the ranks in no time! Perrrfect! Finally someone useful to her in this place.

"Oh yes," she told Marisa, "that much!" It was sort of something that you eventually caught onto, at the very least.

"Well, some crrreatures a bit recently begun to scuttle about part of the city! Someone mentioned them being related to some being called 'Sin' - funny, rrright? - and might've been from his world. Or something. They certainly dislike magic, I can say that much." She grinned at that thought.

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When Demyx dared to look down at the group again, he was relieved to see none of them looking back up at him. Okay. Okay. He hadn't screwed up yet. He could still do this. He took another pebble out of the pile in his hand, aimed it more carefully at Sara, and almost threw it, but balked at the last second. With a quiet grumble, he shifted forward and to the side a little to readjust his aim.

However, his coat sleeve caught on the edge. Now, that wasn't a problem in and of itself. But that was the hand that was holding a pretty respectable number of tiny rocks, and when he finally managed to jerk it free, every last one of them went flying.

Demyx watched in horror as, almost in slow motion, the pebbles fell over the ledge and down the front of the building. They hit the sidewalk one after the other in quick succession, each individual tak joining together in a noise that he was pretty sure was impossible not to hear.

A little belatedly, he ducked back behind the edge of the roof again, mentally kicking himself. Way to go, Demyx! Why don't you just stand up and do the freakin' Macarena for them while you're at it?

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Sara took the pile of pamphlets and started walking towards where she had indicated earlier. It seemed like people had started coming in more frequently now. At least now she could help let anyone who didn't look like a citizen know what this place was really like.

From her left, she heard a sound coming from a nearby building. Reaching for her waist, she grabbed at her gun out of instinct. She wasn't taking any chances with those creatures still running around the place. Within a few seconds, it was up and pointed at the rooftop as she looked to see...

...a bunch of pebbles sliding down the roof and hitting the sidewalk.

Way to over react there Sidle. She chastised herself and lowered her gun, looking sheepish. There wasn't anyone there that she could see, and it was probably one of the Paixaoan children playing.

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((Mrrrr... sorry.))

True. Who could hate magic! And it certainly hated being aimed at... And... what the hell was the girl talking to? Naja glanced up at where the pebbles had fallen from and scowled. Too many pointless distractions. Fairies? She doubted it. Still, if the girl got whatever-the-hell out of their business, Naja would be glad.

Although Naja would much rather introducing it to her spiky friend. She was trying to work here, after all! Tch. She wondered if whatever-the-hell would take the girl's bait. Hard candy didn't sound to appetizing to Naja, but maybe if there really were fairies... well, then she could see their appeal to it.

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Demyx flinched when he heard someone calling from down below. He couldn't tell which of them was doing it, but... even if they thought it was fairies or something (what was with that, anyway? he couldn't quite make out what Marisa was saying from here), the rock throwing plan wasn't going to work anymore. Now if only he'd thought of a Plan B.

Well, owning up to Plan A would just make him look stupid, at this point. It was time to try the direct approach.

With his hood still raised, he vanished from the roof and reappeared in the street below, just a yard or two from Sara, and waved in an attempt to look unthreatening (although it was probably too late for that). "Hey there!" he tried amicably, but not without a hint of nervousness in his voice.

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Sara turned when she realized that someone was standing to her side. The first thing she noticed was the jacket...didn't Timon post something about those jackets? Yes, he did, and it hit Sara like a brick.

"Back off! You're with that Organization, aren't you!?" She took a couple steps away from the hooded figure. Everything she had heard about these people told her that they weren't people she wanted to be with. Her hand tightened on her gun, which at this point, seemed to be become an automatic impulse.

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Naja spun around, eyes narrowing. So, an Organization-pup, huh? Tch, didn't look like a very smart one. Maybe they could hogtie him and get him to answer some questions, hm? Like... what the hell he was doing here, right now.

Far as she could remember, they had quieted lately. Interesting. She tapped Morgenstern against her shoulder and stepped up alongside Sara, a smirk on her face. "Why, isn't this a currrious happening? 'Hey therrre' is right. Whaddaya want, mutt?" she snapped at him.

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Demyx unconsciously stepped back, eying Morgenstern with more than a little wariness (he could think of a few places he wouldn't like that shoved). Unfortunately, there was no backing down now. The boss's orders came first, beating stick or... no beating stick... preferably the latter...

Still, the name-calling was kind of uncalled for, either way. He hadn't even done anything yet, unless dropping a bunch of rocks counted. "Now that's just rude," he chided after a second, waving his index finger reprehensively, but not answering the question.

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"Oh really?" Sara said. "And what oh-so-nice plans did you have, showing up here, hmmm?" To say she was skeptical was an understatement. She continued glaring in his direction, not wanting to act as an aggressor. She wanted him to make a first move.

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Honestly, Naja had nearly forgotten about the Marisa girl now. There were other things to keep her attention, and it was probably better if she made her way out anyway. This territory was no longer safe, after all - although much of the city wasn't. But an Organization fellow? Oh, that was something Naja hadn't yet the pleasure of facing.

But he did look a bit... well... not what she was expecting of the Organization, anyway.

And she didn't care a damn about being rude.

Casually, Naja walked towards the man, tapping the mace again against her shoulder idly. A mischievous grin crossed her face as she circled round to the man's side. "Yes, how about you divulge us into all yer dark an' secrrret plans, hm?"