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This Can't Be Good [active]

Character(s): Katara, anyone nearby
Content: Arrival in Paixao
Setting: Muspelheim Gate
Time: Mid morning-ish
Warnings: None at the moment

Who'd have thought that cave led to this?

Katara gazed around, rubbing the bump forming on her head. She knew it was a bad idea to listen to Sokka and go in that cave. It was an even worse idea to spilt up! Now she was Yue-knew-where and seperated from her friends with a huge lump from bashing her head on a low-hanging ledge.

Wherever she was, it clearly wasn't anyplace she'd been. There were all these strangely colored people and domes surrounding a city. Even the Fire Nation didn't have anything that weird.

Nor did they have anything like the little "journal" she'd been handed on her way in. Katara hadn't seen anything like this before, and trying to figure it out just gave her a headache.

"Oh, where's Sokka when you need him?" she grumbled. "He'd figure out how to work this. Or take it apart. One of the two." The Waterbender took a seat on a nearby bench, wishing her flask still had water in it.

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Now, it wasn't that Demyx was particularly supposed to be at this gate. Typically this wasn't where he picked to hang out. Then again, typically there wasn't something knocking down buildings on the other side of town, and Muspelheim, he figured, was about as far from the epicenter as he could get without leaving town.

Unfortunately, he had to at least pretend to be busy or he was sure he'd be dragged over there the second his coworkers noticed what was going on. So if anyone asked, he was on surveillance. Yep. Surveillance.

Mercifully, there wasn't much to surveil. It looked like the only person here right now, besides the locals and himself, was that brown-haired girl on the bench. Now she looked pretty lost. He absently wondered how old she was. Not for any reason, of course.

Casually, he approached her. Hopefully he wouldn't draw her suspicion just by how he looked; instead of the Organization's black coat, he'd instead taken lately to wearing around blue jeans and a denim jacket, which didn't scream 'evil villain' quite so much. "Hey there! You new in town?" he said amiably.

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Demyx glanced up at the people around them, the samey clothes, samey hair, samey attitude he'd gotten used to in them. Even if it did make them boring as all get out. "Nobody knows," he answered. "They've been that way since..." He whistled. "I dunno. Before I got here, anyway. And they're sure not gonna tell ya."

A second later, as an afterthought, he extended his hand to her to shake. "Name's Eddie, by the way." Of course, it wasn't, but he was incognito, after all.

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Demyx scratched his head. "I dunno, actually." He'd never really taken the time to walk around it when he could just portal anywhere he needed to go. "Pretty dang big, though. I guess it could be a lot bigger than Bong Say." (Or whatever she'd called it.) "Is that where you're from?"

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The question kind of caught Demyx off guard. 'Did he have any water,' of course he did - but it was a matter of what to put it in. "Oh! Uh...." He frowned and patted down his pockets, almost as if he expected to find a glass somewhere in his pants. He didn't, of course.

"Not on me, sorry," he said with a shrug. "Buuut I think there's a restaurant somewhere around here? They might have something." He pointed vaguely down the street with his thumb.

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What, she was leaving?

"Ahaha..." Demyx jumped and hurried to fall into step with her. The boss didn't know he was slacking off, and if this girl ditched him he would no longer have an excuse to be over here. Uhhh, no thanks! He was so not getting stuck on monster duty.

"H-hey, I'll walk you there, if you want," he suggested eagerly. "I mean, I don't have anyplace to be. Getcha something to eat or something."

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Demyx grinned. That had sure been easy. "Thanks," he said, just soon enough that it didn't sound like the afterthought it was, and he started toward the restaurant along with her.

It wasn't far, or a big place, just one of those nameless hole-in-the-wall street cafes. Not much more than a counter, a sign, and some stools. Demyx took a seat on one of them and leaned smugly over the counter. "Coupla waters," he ordered. "On the rocks."

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Demyx shrugged uncomfortably. "'Bout six months. No, seven. Thanks," he added, this time to the shopkeeper as he set a couple of tall water glasses (with ice) on the counter in front of them. He slid one across to Katara. "Here. Anyway, long enough. Folks around here?" He lowered his voice to keep the shopkeeper from hearing, although probably not enough for it to actually work. "They're all a little screwy, if you know what I mean."

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Demyx nodded. "Yeah, they-" he started, but stopped in mid-sentence to watch her handling of the water. He didn't notice the fact she was healing herself with it (just as he'd failed to notice that she was hurt in the first place), but anyway, it wasn't every day he ran across somebody with the same affinity as himself.

The spirit of one-upmanship won out easily. Maybe this would be fun after all.

"Heeey, that's a nice trick," he said with a grin. "But check this out." Holding his hand over his own glass, he pulled out the water in much the same way, although as it set down lightly on the table it better resembled a marionette than a yo-yo. By the time he lowered his hand again, he'd formed it into a vague approximation of a human figure, an eight-inch-tall water clone standing casually next to the glass.

The water puppet bowed awkwardly to Katara in greeting, and Demyx looked expectantly over at her, hoping she'd be impressed.