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Pleasure To Meet You [Active]

Character(s): Axel, Lenne
Content: After a brief exchange on the communal journal, Axel decides to pay his new playmate friend a visit.
Setting: Vicinity of N3, somewhere near the Café Ersesat
Time: Near noon
Warnings: None.

Axel checked a few last things before he shut his journal. It made a sharp clicking sound as it snapped shut. He had just finished yet another welcoming chat with a new entrant. It went as usual along the lines of hello, you’re a stupid newcomer and I’m an experienced veteran; what can I do for you today? Such conversations were usually really entertaining. Amazing how far one could get when he played nicely with others.

He stood up from his perch on the roof of a building not too far from the Morem O Lisboa. He’d been hanging around the area ever since his encounter with that Chris woman. She had more than a little water magic to her name, so he’d cut out of there earlier. Let her have her fun with that creepy little girl and a hotel full of scared people. Axel had what he came for, anyway. He didn’t need to prove his battle skills to anyone.

And now he had a new target in mind. Tucking away the journal, Axel summoned a portal and stepped through. He was now just a handful of blocks away from the girl he’d talked to. He began walking the rest of the way towards her location. It was better to meet her on foot like a normal person than by showing off his abilities all at once. He’d made that mistake with Monkey Boy and almost fallen clear off the dome of the Ceu. Caution wasn’t his favorite trait, but now he’d use it more wisely.

As he walked, he grinned. He’d promised the girl, Lenne, some pretty extravagant things. He could make sure some pretty influential people of the city met her. And he could make sure she performed at the Ceu. Those were easy strings to pull. Like he’d said to Monkey Kid, he was a Paixao VIP. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do in this city.

And best yet, this Lenne probably had a lovely heart, too.

Now he was very close to the area she’d mentioned. Axel almost yelled out her name, but stopped. He realized she never directly told him her name, and so that would be really weird of him to just know that kind of thing out of hand. It’d give away too much! So he decided to be a wise ass and yell.

HEY! Girl from the communal journal! I’m here! I’m your talent scout! You around here somewhere? I’m looking for you! We just had this really nice chat!” It took all his control to not burst out laughing. The citizens in the area gave him odd looks. It would really be quite easy to find this outsider. He’d seen her picture on the network, and she was really easy to pick out. He’d play it dumb, though. Dumb was always safe.

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