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in dull times [completed]

Character(s): Xigbar, Marluxia, later Demyx
Content: Uh... Xigbar chilling out, meets Marluxia... and a battle of wits begin. Or something of the sort.
Setting: Middle of the streets around [E6]
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Language, insults, etcetc.

This was getting really dull, the freeshooter mumbled as he walked around the area. For crying out loud, some son of an angel decided to fly away with his source of entertainment. Joy. Xigbar wasn't usually in a foul mood but this sort of action was simply unacceptable. Anything idiots did was usually unacceptable. Strangely enough, no one seemed to be around the ground he walked on.

More fun.

Number Two stopped walking, teleporting to every several feet to scout for someone or even something to get a bit of... enjoyment... out of. A someone would be nice-- the responses would be much more amusing compared to a chair or a table. Fuck, even Larxene was having fun and he wasn't-- a sneer spread across his face. Since when did--

All in one, Xigbar really needed to find another hobby; occasionally beating people up verbally wasn't as fun anymore. There wasn't enough emotion in this batch of idiots. If he could hope for anything, right now, he'd wish for some poor idiot to mentally dice up. Physically fighting was enjoyable but people who could make it enjoyable usually didn't give him the expression he wanted to see.

The screaming was starting to die out. While teleporting to make the world upside down, he gave a short grunt. When insulting, talking, and fighting were your only hobbies, the drawback was that you needed someone else or else you'd look insane.

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If he had known that making Xigbar look any more insane was as easy as simply keeping away from him, Marluxia would have avoided him like the plague. It wasn’t as though Xigbar’s mental state was a mystery to anyone. With broad, obvious insults painted all over his journal, it was easy to tell what kind of person he was and what state he was in. While Marluxia personally would never resort to anything that made him look so desperate publicly, it was very telling that Xigbar did. The poor Nobody probably needed some company, and Marluxia was always ready for a (particularly easy) game of crossing wits.

It was easy enough to find Number Two. He had chosen to literally hang out in one of Paixao’s westernmost points. After teleporting to ease the walking distance, Marluxia approached the other cautiously. Even from this relatively quiet place, the screams from the Dusks still hard at work could be heard. That was the great thing about the domes – they were excellent at channeling sound.

Marluxia stopped to stand near Xigbar, tilting his head slightly to get a better look at him as he hung in the air. “So, doing your job got boring so fast, sir? Maybe you should have done somewhat else to entertain yourself. If Paixao limits you as much as you claim, find a way to broaden your horizons. I am particularly enjoying this mission, and I don’t see why you can’t, either.”

He took a step back, shaking his head. “You mentioned some targets that got away. For people like us, it is very easy to track them down. You know this because Vexen just about rammed that information down our throats. Why don’t you chase them down and hone your accuracy? I know you love shooting things.”

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Xigbar certainly had a way with words. And gestures, Marluxia added mentally as he watched the other pretend to be shot through the heart. He ought to win an award for that performance.

“You’ve made your point,” Marluxia said distastefully, shaking his head. “You lost your targets. Did you at least send some Nobodies after them? Or did they just vanish in thin air?” Sometimes it was flat-out astonishing that Xigbar held the venerated second rank in their group. He shot his mouth off more than his guns.

“Either way, I can only hope you catch them, whether or not they make that charming deer-in-the-headlights expression.” Marluxia folded his arms over his chest and began walking slowly, circling Xigbar as he hung in the air. “And you have that fight date too? You’ve been a busy little bee here. Who is getting the utter honor of your presence? I can only hope it’s as exciting as a little kitty-kat and an angel.” He laughed.

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“That explains a lot,” Marluxia said, glancing up at Xigbar. “You get that little situation fixed, then. Just tell me when you’re planning on confronting this person. I’m never opposed to a little entertainment every now and then.” He didn’t even bother to hide the smirk that resulted. That confrontation would go one of two ways. The first way was boring. Xigbar would easily overpower his opponent and the game would be over hardly before it began. The second was infinitely more pleasing. Xigbar would severely underestimate this person and get shamefully beaten. Marluxia hoped it was the latter. Seeing Xigbar humbled would be the best show this side of the Ceu de Mouraria.

“As to whether or not your targets were worthy of attention, just remember that none of them were brought here accidentally. There is worth in each and every one of them, the weak and the powerful alike.” It was understandable that Xigbar, lover of the hunt, would let some frightened outsiders run off. He probably thought they weren’t worth his time. It was an oversight that Marluxia would capitalize on later. There was that communal journal where he could call for them. A kitty kat and an angel, huh? They’d be easy enough to identify. Anyway, it would be an amusing encounter in the very least.

After a sharp sideways look to the other man, Marluxia continued pacing. “You have the information required? I suppose that’s all that is truly important at the moment. After you put this woman in her place, what will you do with your time?”

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Finally. Demyx was done done done! No more attacking people. No more orders, well, except one. It was only natural that he would have to report to his superiors... and by superiors he meant Marluxia. For whatever reason, he had been assigned to Number Eleven but it wasn't his place to question, not if he wanted a heart. And there were always others who would have been much worse to have to report to. A vision of Number Seven flashed through Demyx's mind.

Despite any and all conflicts, Demyx searched through Paixao tirelessly for Marluxia. This included a lot of walking, jumping through portals, and shouting. Just when all hope seemed lost, a pair of voices echoed through a lonely street, both of which Demyx recognized. Excitedly, the musician ran into the street, waving to both Nobodies.

"Guys! Hey guys!" Demyx called, running up to Marluxia and Xigbar, stopping only to catch his breath. "Do you know how long it's taken me to find you?!"

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Marluxia sighed wearily. “Honestly, Xigbar, your originality never fails to astound me.” Xigbar had a very finite way of entertaining himself. For claiming he was hard to entertain, all he needed was a halfway interesting target and he’d be occupied for hours. Or even a dull target, and he’d while away the time complaining.

And then, like light breaking through the clouds, Demyx arrived to break up the monotony. Hmm, probably something suitably less dramatic would do to describe his entrance. All right, then. Like a confused cat poking its nose from underneath a simple newspaper, Demyx arrived on the scene. Marluxia immediately smiled. Finally, someone else much easier to demean than Xigbar. Xigbar was, by his very nature, a very easy person to pick on. But he did not always react properly. Demyx didn’t always realize when he was being insulted, and when he did, he had an amusing reaction ninety percent of the time.

Marluxia immediately went into professional mode. He folded his arms and turned his eyes towards Demyx. With an elegant gesture, he pulled out his electronic journal from his robe and held it up. “I think you must have slept through Vexen’s lectures,” he said lightly. “I can’t say I blame you.” He looked Demyx up and down, assessing his condition. “But you could have saved a little energy using the journals. I must say I’m very flattered that you went to so much trouble to find us, though.”

He took a few steps towards Demyx, soundly ignoring Xigbar. “Number Nine, report,” he said firmly.

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Now, Demyx felt that he was a pretty agreeable guy. He was nice enough to everyone and most certainly did his best to like everyone he could but some times Xigbar made this really really hard! Every time Demyx met up with Number Two or simply spoke to him, he just couldn't help but mock him! Sadly, each and every time, Demyx was at a loss for a dry and witty comeback. That was more of Larxene's things, though her comments always had that bite to them that Demyx didn't like.

Like a child, the musician frowned, "Well did use the portals. Not all of us know how to warp, Xigbar! And... I just.. didn't, uh... think of using the journals."

Suddenly, Marluxia ordered for the report only followed by Xigbar's input. Pouting, he ignored the sniper's comment and turned to Marluxia.

"Right, well. I captured that woman you told me to but when you issued the orders to withdraw, I just let her go 'cause she didn't seem to interesting anyway. But there was this flying lady and a giant dog that could talk. They defeated a lot of the Nobodies."

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If Xigbar hadn’t been there, Marluxia would have been able to have a nearly civil conversation with Demyx. Demyx may not have been the brightest crayon in the box, but he surely wasn’t as intolerable as Xigbar made him out to be. It was ridiculously easy to make fun of Demyx, true, but when it came to business, there was no room for mocking.

Marluxia sent a sharp glance back at the one-man peanut gallery and looked back to Demyx. “Never mind how you got here,” he said with a dismissive gesture. “We can discuss that at length later on.” He smiled then. “I was worried that you hadn’t followed through on your mission. And, given the circumstances, I believe you made the best decision in releasing the woman. You got our message across, and that is all that matters.”

He hoped Xigbar would stay quiet until business was dealt with. Marluxia had a bigger part to play in this than Xigbar, and he ought to know his place. The man was always complaining about the neophytes not knowing their place, when Xigbar hardly knew his own. How demeaning for such a high-ranked fellow to have to answer to someone else. Marluxia smiled more with the thought, then continued on. “And you found more interesting targets anyway. I think your mission went successfully, Demyx. You ought to be commended. Tell me more about this flying woman and this big talking dog. I will pay them each a little visit later.”

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A wide grin plastered itself across Demyx's face as Marluxia commented on his job well done. As if he were a child, Number Nine shot Xigbar a victorious look of 'Ha! Look whose good now!'. That would show him. Demyx could do more than think and--

"Hey! I can too think! What did you do on the mission other than getting 'bored' like you said on the journals?" Demyx used is fingers to quote the word 'bored' as he spoke. Frankly, he thought he did a very decent job! He most certainly did not release the woman because he was too soft. Well... He didn't like the whole idea of capturing people and the mission to begin with. How was it going to get them a heart anyway? It was probably just another scheme of the Superior's.

Xigbar did pose a good question though. What would Demyx do with a heart..? The thought was so enticing that the musician had to push it away and get back on track. The dog and the woman. Right.

"Well..." Demyx took a few moments to ponder over his words before he began again. "Do you want me to talk about them now or on the journals anyway? Unless you want to find them now... It's not like they left anyway."

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Marluxia wondered why Xigbar even opened his mouth at all. He never had anything useful or pertinent to add to a conversation, besides the random announcement of a fight he’d gotten himself into. He was more annoying than anything especially now, when information needed to be extracted from Demyx. Demyx’s focus was really easy to derail.

Xigbar’s comment about getting hearts almost pushed Marluxia over the edge. That had been intended to derail Demyx, and it had. Marluxia clenched his hands into fists, but closed his eyes and calmed down with a deep breath. Anything said to Xigbar was mostly wasted breath so verbal retaliation was pointless. Instead he imagined how useful Number Two would be if his tongue were cut out.

Satisfied and calmed, Marluxia opened his eyes again, looking towards Demyx. “Tell us what you know now. The journal posting can wait. We can do something with this before any of the others get a chance.” He turned back with a thin smile to Xigbar. “And I know how much you like besting the others, Xigbar. This is as much your chance as it is mine to do just that. We’re listening, Demyx.”

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The grin on Demyx's face melted into a childish pout... again. Every time-- wait no. Everything Demyx said was refuted by Xigbar. Why was he so, well.. mean! What did Demyx ever do to him? Nothing, that's what. He followed his orders (though at times he thought poorly of them) and stayed in line (though not without complaint). There was absolutely no reason for him to snap every time the musician made a comment. Of course who was Demyx to refute Number Two? Damn, he always seemed to find himself crushed between two rocks.

"Well anyway," Demyx continued, shooting a caustic glare at Xigbar. He'd be more than happy to answer Marluxia's question if it meant the sniper leaving. "The woman who flew was not an angel but she seemed pretty secluded from the others, except for another flying boy but he disappeared somewhere. She did enjoy fighting though..."

The Nobody's thoughts trailed off as he reflected on the previous days' events. It was extremely hectic and Demyx was pleased to see they were gone, though they were yet to be buried.

And then there was that dog.

"The dog... It was definitely weird. It was probably the most intelligent thing that attacked the Nobodies too, even though it didn't figure out that they wouldn't stop coming." A triumphant grin flashed over Number Nine's face. "It was the only one who spoke with me too. The woman didn't seem to question the Nobodies like the dog did."

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Marluxia listened to Demyx’s report, tuning out Xigbar entirely. It was amazing that such an asshat held such a superior position to Marluxia. Someday that little oversight would be corrected. This was Organization business, which Xigbar could apparently care less about, judging by his utterly flagrant comments. Marluxia and Demyx both were his colleagues, and still he ripped on them like they were common outsiders. Marluxia assumed it was Xigbar’s comfy rank that gave him all that extraneous confidence. Someday these little slights would pile up, and Marluxia would play the wheel of karma and hand everything back to Number Two.

Pushing his annoyance aside for the umpteenth time, Marluxia nodded thoughtfully as Demyx relayed his information. A winged non-angel and a sentient dog. Paixao seemed to attract the unlikeliest of beings. They wouldn’t be as easy to single out among the incomers than it would seem. They’d need more information than just that. New targets were always handy, though.

“Thank you, Demyx. You have done your job well. I expect a more detailed report with descriptions on the journals shortly.” He crossed his arms. “Continue gathering information. Despite everything coming out of Xigbar’s mouth to indicate the contrary, you did just what you were supposed to. You know how to get in touch with me in case you need further assistance. Feel free to leave, unless you enjoy the heckling.” Marluxia looked back towards Xigbar, now upside-down once more. “You can leave as well. I know you have that fight date you’re looking forward to oh so much. There are more people out there to play with than just us two.”