28 November 2006 @ 04:15 am
Character(s): Toxin
Content: Toxin crashes into Paixao (literally), and freaks out the guy at the registration booth
Setting: Nifleheim Gate
Time: just after sun-down
Warnings: Toxin crashing into the ground at high speed, and the symbiote talking inside of Toxins’ head.

Toxin felt the nights’ wind rush by him as he leapt from the sky scraper. He watched as the pavement below rushed up at him, growing larger by the second. Just as it looked like he was going to become street-pizza he twisted, shooting out a chain-like tendril from his hand. The tendril quickly truck and attached itself to another building. Toxin felt himself pulled towards the new building, gaining more and more momentum. Quickly he repeated the process again, and again, until a steady swinging momentum carried him across the city. This was just about the only thing Patrick Mulligan enjoyed about being bonded with the symbiote, since becoming the superhero Toxin. It was almost how he would imagine flying to be. Faster and faster he went. He wasn’t sure why, it was more like Toxin to go this fast, to do something this wild. He shot out another tendril, and watched as it latched on to a nearby building. It pulled him faster still, as he came around. Then he looked where he was going. “What the hell!”
The city was GONE! In its’ place was what seemed to be a large domed building. In front of the building was some sort of archway that seemed to have been carved from a silvery substance. But what really stood out was the line of people waiting in front of it. Then something else occurred to him. If there was no city, then what had happened to the building he was swinging from? He looked back. Gone was the building, along with the tendril that had been stuck to it! He cast frantically about, searching for something, anything that he could latch onto. But there was nothing nearby except for that large domed building. He was freefalling, and he was headed straight for the line of people!
“Look out!” he cried. Fortunately they seemed to have heard him, for they scattered out of the way like so many leaves in the wind. Unfortunately, he was still headed at high speed towards the ground. He hit with a sickening thud, but his momentum kept him moving, bouncing him along the ground like a misshapen basketball! Until… CRASH!!! Toxin slowly opened his eyes and waited for the world to stop spinning. “Ghesh hofff meh!” It took him a moment to realize that the noise was coming from beneath him. He got up, feeling all of his joints crack in protest. And you tell me to hold back? What the hell was that!? Toxin groaned, “Just what I needed.”
“Ummm… your name please.” Came a small voice from the vicinity around Toxins feet. He looked down to see a blond haired man whose blue eyes were wide and staring. “Huh?” replied Toxin, rather lamely. “Y-your n-name, please.”
“Uh… Oh! It’s Toxin. My name is Toxin.” The man grabbed a pen, and shaking wrote the name down on a sheet of paper, then fainted. Toxin looked around. He seemed to have crashed behind a booth of some sort. He quickly picked the man up and sat him on a nearby stool, resting his head on the booth. To anyone who saw him it would appear that he was just taking a brief nap. Toxin then exited the booth and quickly entered through the silvery gates.
I don’t think our left arm has healed right. He had been so busy getting out of the booth quickly that he hadn’t even felt whatever it was that was on his arm. He glanced down and saw something sticking out just above his elbow. He reached across and yanked it out. The symbiote must have healed over the thing when had crashed. He took a closer look at the object. It seemed to be some sort of small laptop or some other similar electronic device. “Great! Now I’ve also stolen the mans computer. I thought larceny was against your rules.
“It is! You healed over it when I crashed” Great, not only did I just pop into this strange place I’ve already gotten myself into trouble. But what could he do, he couldn’t just go back and return it to the guy. “Oh well” he said with a sigh. He placed it back on his left arm, this time on the bicep, and watched as the symbiote seemed to absorb it. That would keep it safe for now. He sighed again and set off to see if he could figure out where he was.