24 June 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Character(s): Teito and the 'mysterious creature'
Content: Another ambush
Setting: Around Muspelheim
Time: Evening, literally just after an mb post
Warnings: Blood, broken things

The beast came from no where. )
14 March 2012 @ 04:20 am
Character(s): King Mickey and Anyone Else who approaches
Content: There’s a new keyblade wielder in Paixao, and it’s none other than the guy they call… Mickey Mouse!
Setting: Muspelheim gates
Time: Evening
Warnings: Probably not much

Stumbling forward, Mickey caught his breath before he looked around him in this new world. )
14 January 2012 @ 04:11 pm
Character(s): Flonne, Teito
Content: Flonne goes for a walk on her own now that the snow has cleared up
Setting: Random streets
Time: Mid-day
Warnings: None

Even fallen angels of love needed a little fresh air and alone time. )
17 November 2011 @ 12:04 am
Character(s): Teito, and whoever wants to help him
Content: Someone doesn't want to be frozen today
Setting: Niflheim
Time: Night
Warnings: Blizzards kinda suck

He wasn't sure what compelled him to walk through those gates )