Character(s): Lenne, Sinspawn, Karst, Shuyin
Content: Lenne says hello to Paixao
Setting: Niflheim gate
Time: Late afternoon
Warnings: Sinspawn decides to welcome Lenne... in a way.

Through my music, through my silent devotion )
10 July 2008 @ 10:12 pm
Character(s): Sephiroth, Konan, Zetsu
Content: A meeting that changes everything
Setting: Near Niflheim gate
Time: Late afternoon
Warnings: The beginnings of subterfuge. =D

All was not well within the city. )
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14 June 2008 @ 11:36 pm
Character(s): Loz, Sinspawn, anybody else in need of a thread and some violence?
Content: poor hapless Sinspawn thinks Loz is prey.
Setting: A Nifleheim area alley just south of the G9/G8 border
Time: twilight
Warnings: probably violence

Michael had been as good as his word... )

[[OOC: again... just holler if I screwed anything up...]]
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30 May 2008 @ 10:29 pm
Characters: The Prinny Squad, Adell, and Sinspawn
Content: A reunion is cut a bit short by unwanted, rather hostile guests.
Setting: Somewhere between the Muspelheim and Joutenheim gates (around M5)
Time: Early Afternoon
Warnings: Likely some violence...bloody Sinspawn.

Keesling had forgotten that he was still a rather attractive shade of pink. )
Character(s): Sin-spawn, Lumens.. (others are allowed in, but please let them some rounds in :DD)
Content: Given the new disturbance, the lumens, to say the least, are furious. AKA fighting. And yet you'd think they'd be at Galileo, but don't worry, they're not XD
Setting: G7
Time: Dusk
Warnings: Violence lol. Possibly lumen death? D: And damaged buildings :D

They were moving towards the source. )
Character(s): Keiichi, Rika, random Sinstuff, aaaaand open!
Content: Keiichi and Rika investigate a loud noise. Loud noise turns out to be monsters. Their asses will likely require saving. (Not the monsters', I mean.)
Setting: somewhere in H7 probably?
Time: mid-day-ish
Warnings: shit guys, MONSTERS!

This may have been a bad idea after all. )
Character(s): Sara Sidle, Sin Spawn, and Open
Content: Sara's outside of the cafe where she had lunch, trying to get some air and clear her head. She gets found by the Sin Spawn...
Setting: Outside the Cafe Ersesat near Niflheim.
Time: Afternoonish
Warnings: Language. Sara has a dirty mouth sometimes.

After having lunch with such an interesting group of people, Sara left the cafe and sat on one of the benches outside, just trying to get some air. )
10 May 2008 @ 10:17 pm
Character(s):  Auron, Sinspawn, Open
Content:  Auron goes to check things out and finds things might be worse than he could have imagined.
Setting:  Around I-6
Time:  Afternoon
Warnings: Violence

Character(s): Luffy, open to all
Content: Luffy finds some weird thing...a Sin-Spawn? *GASP*
Setting: G5 area, the Glass Bonsai
Time: Mid-Morning, after this mess begins.
Warnings: Violence!

It's a...a really ugly cat? )
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09 May 2008 @ 04:18 pm
Character(s): Golden Sparrow, Sin Spawn, Lumen
Content: Golden Sparrow arrives in Paixao!
Setting: Niflheim
Time: Daytime
Warnings: Confusing speech patterns

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