25 January 2007 @ 05:32 pm
Character(s): Awayuki Himeno, Percival Fraulein and Hayate.
Content: Himeno wakes up after defeating the tree of Fenrir, finding herself still the White Prétear, and somewhere very strange.
Setting: Joutenheim Gate Area
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Just don't call her a tulip-head. ;D

Leafé... it surrounded her... she was falling. )
12 January 2007 @ 05:11 pm
Character(s): Percival Fraulein.
Content: Percival brings sexy back. Because yes, it had gone missing for a while. Oh... he also enters Paixao, but shh. Minor details, really.
Setting: Joutenheim Gate.
Time: Afternoon.
Warnings: So much sexy it should be illegal. None.

just when you think you've seen it all, something like this happens. )
Character(s): Riku, and I think Percival and Lirin are gonna join in. :D Come join the THREESOME FROM HELL, let's see if we can assemble weirdest Paixao group EVAR.
Content: Riku waits 85784758 years in line, gives the gate guy some attitude, then finally gets his butt through the gate.
Setting: Just inside the Niflheim gate.
Time: Around noon on Sunday.
Warnings: A pissy Riku? :[ I don't think I'll ever be able to post with this boy without there being atleast ONE curse word.

That line was fucking long. )
Character(s): Percival
Content: The famed Swordsman of Gale finds himself in Paixao and wanders.
Setting: Niflheim area [G10]
Time: Sunday mornin'
Warnings: Nothing here :D

Percival blinked. )