08 May 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Character(s): Lightning and anyone who wants to join her!
Content: Fang is restless. That's made Lightning restless. Things are getting beaten up.
Setting: All floors.
Time: All day
Warnings: tba

Lightning settled herself against a column at the front of the old abandoned church )
04 March 2012 @ 02:55 am
Character(s): Noel Kreiss, open
Content: The city gets a boy from the ~future~
Setting: Vanaheim gate
Time: Middayish?
Warnings: None expected.

Noel closed his eyes just for a moment as he walked through the gate. )
20 January 2012 @ 06:06 pm
Character(s): Hope Estheim, anyone
Content: Hope has turned into a Cie'th
Setting: Outside Vocea Condominiums
Time: Evening

No matter how much Hope tried to fight them, the nightmares were just too strong. )
13 October 2011 @ 04:31 pm
Character(s): Lightning and Fang.
Content: Fang awaits Light's return, wondering where that pink haired girl got off too without her noticing...
Setting: The packed apartment. |D
Time: Early evening? After Light's not!date.
Warnings: Merciless teasing.

Waiting around certainly wasn't Fang's style, but since having returned to the apartment after her excursion with Hope... there wasn't really much else she could do. )
08 July 2011 @ 12:49 pm
Character(s): Lightning and Terra
Content: not!date  a spar between friends
Setting: Outside their apartment? idk, somewhere with space
Time: Week 33
Warnings: cute? idk, they're like bricks

Well, it was a normal day for Lightning and a normal day involved combat training.  )
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11 April 2011 @ 06:01 pm
Character(s): Kovu, Lightning
Content: A certain someone now matches a rather vague description of Scar that was given to Lightning...
Setting: Somewhere in the Northeast quadrant of the city
Time: Sunset
Warnings: Uh. Maybe some violence, probably some emo, lots of snark...

As much as it kept reminding Kovu of him, the scar really wasn't that bad. )
Character(s): Lightning, Hope, Sazh (Vanille?)
Content: Time to welcome another familiar face into the city
Setting: Cafe Ersesat by Joutenheim for now
Time: Week 30
Warnings:.... ff13 stuff, probably some wibbling

The rhythmic clink clink of her equipment and the thumping of her footsteps against the city's streets helped keep Lightning calm. )
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16 February 2011 @ 10:49 pm
Character(s): Lightning, Hope, Vanille, Aqua, Terra, Celes (...am I forgetting anyone?)
Content: A housewarming party!
Setting: Lightning and co's apartment  in Vocca Condos
Time: idk sometime after Vanille's arrival
Warnings: fluff, excessive territorial displays between females

When she'd first selected this particular place for her away from home apartment, Lightning hadn't expected to have even one roommate. )

(ooc: I'm thinking party-style with this, with different threads. So, if you want a specific interaction, post it into the subject!)
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16 February 2011 @ 06:04 pm
Character(s): Lightning, Hope, Vanille
Content: Three friends meet up and talk Paixao
Setting: Cafe Ersesat by Joutenheim
Time: Just after Vanille's arrival
Warnings: Uh... tba?

Somehow, over the weeks she'd been here, Lightning had given up hope of having anyone else she knew here. )
15 January 2011 @ 10:56 pm
Character(s): Everyone who wants to be!
Content: An epic game of tag
Setting: The park
Time: Forward dated to Week 29

Xion waited eagerly at the park with Hope. )
26 November 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Character(s): Hope, Terra, and then Lightning
Content: Hope enters the city
Setting: Muspelheim gate
Time: Dusk
Warnings: Emo Hope has a bit of a breakdown. ALEXANDER SHOWS UP

Hope yawned as he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. )
Character(s): Lightning, Osaka (and Cid I guess if he wants to observe and comment since they ARE by his shop)
Content: Time to teach Osaka how to wield a blade. Everyone, flee before something dies.
Setting: Outside Cid's shop
Time: Day, week 26, day after this
Warnings: Lightning's a grump. Osaka can't handle a blade.

Lightning hadn't really thought the whole thing through when she'd told Osaka to learn how to handle a blade )
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23 September 2010 @ 10:12 pm
Character(s): Link, Scar, Sheik, and now Lightning. Maybe I should just make this open... :P
Content: After Link and Sheik have a chat about Paixao, Link figures he should go off and investigate the place and see what information he can come up with. Unfortunately, he runs in to Scar.
Setting: Spira, specifically, the Macalania Woods. Then going to the church.
Time: A few days after the log with Sheik and Link, starting in the afternoon.
Warnings: Link's gonna have his ass kicked, so it'd probably going to get graphic later on.

Even though Sheik had advised against this... )
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Character(s): Cid, and anyone dropping by his shop
Content: Cid takes a dim view of the new signs
Setting: Cid's shop
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: ...Cid

Okay, so he'd gotten mostly used to the place. )
Character(s): Lightning, Hope (Celes and Setzer are welcome too)
Content: Exploring Spira
Setting: Spira
Time: Day, Week 23
Warnings: angst maybe? idk TBA

When she'd first heard that a new "floor" had opened up, Lightning hadn't been sure what to make of it. )
Character(s): Lightning (and Celes if she wants to comment)
Content: It's morning and Lightning notices her brand for the first time since arriving here.
Setting: Lightning and Celes' apartment
Time: Morning
Warnings: FF13 spoilers, like always.

Lightning's mornings usually consisted of two things. )
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04 June 2010 @ 06:17 pm
Character(s): Sheik, Lightning
Content: Lightning would rather not help, and Sheik would rather not be helped. They fight crime.
Setting: somewhere in the general vicinity of City-Hall-I-guess-ish
Time: late evening/night, after this
Warnings: Some blood. Sheik pulled the whole damn room at once, so.

She'd had worse. )
Character(s): Celes, Lightning (maybe open? Ask first)
Content: Two ex-military women meet
Setting: Muspelheim Gate area
Time: mid-day Week 21
Warnings: Uh... snark? none for now - possible 13 spoilers always present

Lightning had never heard of this city before, but for all she knew it could be some trick. )
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