10 June 2006 @ 11:28 am
Character(s): Haine Rammsteiner, Lady
Content: After Haine's encounter with Axel and a night of wandering, Haine ends up in the very heart of Paixao.
Setting: Paixao Central Station
Time: Early Monday morning, week two
Warnings: None.

The familiar sounds of the train were comforting, to say the least. )
Character(s): Raven & Lady
Content: Concerned that Raven has the Ars Goetia, Lady interrogates her. Raven doesn't reveal much though, and chooses to abandon the argument instead.
Setting: The journal messengers
Time: Sunday, mid-morning
Warnings: None

Song for Grace: Weren't you the one who had Ars Goetia? )
12 April 2006 @ 09:52 am
Character(s): Cam and whoever wants to join in?
Content: Cam getting some alone time after the busy day that was Friday.
Setting: Cid's shop, across the street from the center branch of the Actua Are. [J7]
Time: Late Friday Night

This place seemed to drain whatever strength the Samurai had... )
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07 March 2006 @ 11:41 pm
Character(s): Lady, Dante, Kanda Yuu
Content: Lady and Dante arrive in the central Actua Are, only to run into one very stubborn roadblock Exorcist.
Setting: Central Paixao and its Actua Are
Time: Thursday evening
Warnings: none so far

Most of the day was devoted to walking. )
26 February 2006 @ 07:12 pm
Character(s): Dante, Lady
Content: After entering Pie Show Paixao, Dante waits around and meets up with Lady.
Setting: In the general area of Haja O Que Houver
Time: Wee hours of Thursday morning
Warnings: Colorful language

So those little electronic journals had a purpose after all. )
14 February 2006 @ 02:05 pm
Characters: Lady and Allen Walker [OPEN]
Content: Lady arriving in O Pastor for a place to stay
Setting: Err, O Pastor, just outside the gate?
Time: Tuesday evening, before Lady gets kidnapped. Yeah…

Whatever happened to Dante, Lady was sure the stupid half-demon could find his own way around... )
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31 January 2006 @ 04:19 pm
Character(s): Allen Walker and Lady.
Content: The hardship of transferring to a different world--and the struggle for a companion.
Setting: Just inside Niflheim.
Time: Afternoon of Monday.
Warnings: blood?

As if moving was ever the most fun experience, )
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