27 April 2007 @ 11:55 pm
Characters: Valerie, Misha, Danny
Content: The gang go to rest shortly after this
Setting: Café Ersesat
Time: Night
Warnings: None at present.

Were there any words after this? )
22 March 2007 @ 10:02 pm
Characters: Dan, Danny, Valerie, and Misha.
Content: Dan knows he is in the same area as Danny and Valerie, and that little Misha girl. And he makes DUPLICATES! 8D
Setting: Vanaheim area (G5)
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Sadistic streak is gonna come in at one point...and setting up for Dan being in multiple places at once.

He'd never felt such an adrenaline rush since he'd killed everyone in London, Tokyo, New York City, Beijing, and Moscow in the same hour. )
07 March 2007 @ 11:17 pm
Character(s): Misha, Danny, Valerie, open to all!
Content: Waiting for Valerie to catch up with them, Danny and Misha decide to explore a little more of Paixao.
Setting: General Vanahim area [G5-H5]
Time: Day after this and this, late afternoon
Warnings: Slight language.

Some things were constants in the universe... )
Character(s): Danny, Misha, and Valerie.
Content: Danny wakes up from a seemingly peaceful sleep.
Setting: Haja o Que Houver, Vanaheim [F4]
Time: Morning, after the dreamscape incident with Dan, Misha, and Valerie.
Warnings: None just yet.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. )
13 February 2007 @ 01:26 pm
Character(s): Misha ([livejournal.com profile] angelicklutz), Danny ([livejournal.com profile] muffinsplz), Valerie ([livejournal.com profile] valerie_dark)
Content: When the unusual weather strikes, Misha, Danny, and Valerie all take cover as they try to decide what to do next.
Setting: Haja o Que Houver, Vanaheim [F4]
Time: Daytime, directly follows this
Warnings: N/A

The downpour had turned into a steady, sullen shower... )
12 February 2007 @ 02:42 am
Character(s): Vash, Jayne Cobb, anyone else?
Content: There is stunned standing in the rain. And eventually, a donut shop.
Setting: A donut shop between Folio's and Paradiso Hospital
Time: Late Afternoon
Warnings: Does Jayne kiss his momma with that mouth?

Maybe this city wasn't so bad after all. )
09 February 2007 @ 11:22 pm
Character(s): Misha ([livejournal.com profile] angelicklutz), Danny ([livejournal.com profile] muffinsplz), Valerie ([livejournal.com profile] valerie_dark)
Content: Misha and Danny decide to relocate for their own safety, and run into Valerie
Setting: Vanaheim [F3]
Time: Morning after this
Warnings: None yet.

It had been kind of an awkward morning... )
Character(s): Danny, Misha, and later on Dan
Content: Danny's more than a little bit disturbed by a message board conversation. Misha comes to help.
Setting: Actua Are
Time: After the posts made on the Message board by Dan
Warnings: Danny being a little psychotic, and an appearence by Dan later on. Which means profanity, brainbreaking, and graphic violence XD

There was a distinctive  )
Character(s): Misha, Danny
Content: After meeting at Vanaheim, the Angel and the Ghost go to find a place to stay before looking for the mysterious Timon.
Setting: Actua Are f3
Time: Noonish
Warnings: Nothing as of yet.

The hotel was really something. )
14 January 2007 @ 12:31 pm
Character(s): Misha, Danny Fenton
Content: Misha's arrival in Paixao
Setting: Vanaheim, F3, Actua Are
Time: Morning
Warnings: None

Misha rubbed her eyes as she sat up... )
Character(s): Danny and anyone who wants to give him a nice shiney welcome!
Content: Everyone's favorite ghostboy arrives at Paixao under less than pleasent circumstances
Setting: Vanaheim
Time: Morning
Warnings: Death? Danny not being all there.

There was something frightening about Dan's last words to him. )