15 November 2006 @ 04:12 pm
Character(s): Ivan, Bloo
Content: Ivan and Bloo are goin' to get some drinks.
Setting: Joutenheim area, nearing Cafe Ersesat [L7]
Time: afternoonish
Warnings: Deep thots. D:

After an hour or two on the road with Bloo, Ivan began to realize the cafe was significantly further away than the map made it look. )
02 November 2006 @ 10:02 am
Characters: Bloo, and anyone else nearby! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO D:<
Content: Bloo comes into Cid's shop to find it empty. He does some stupid stuff. Enter you.
Setting: Cid's Shop [J7]
Time: Around noonish
Warnings: Uhhh... Blooishness abound?

...the short blue imaginary friend didn't think twice about what they actually sold here. )
Character: Bloo
Content: Bloo wakes up and enters Paixao, leaving the citizens a little shaken.
Setting: Joutenheim gate area. I pretended like there's houses there
Time: I'd say... a nice solid PM7
Warnings: Lots of Bloo yelling?

Feeling like a heavy brick had hit him in his sleep, Bloo awoke in a weird place. Very weird. )