04 February 2010 @ 01:24 pm
Character(s): Aerith
Content: Another new arrival
Setting: Vanaheim
Time: Midday Week 18
Warnings None

Aerith stepped outside Merlin's house to see what was going on )
31 January 2010 @ 01:55 am
Title of the post in the subject line. [Active/Completed]

Character(s): Aeris Gainsborough and whoever wants to join?
Content: Arrival and first meetings/reunions maybe
Setting: Niflheim Gate and might change
Time: late afternoon/early evening
Warnings: None.
Well this was unexpected. )
31 January 2010 @ 12:06 am
Character(s): Tifa Lockhart, anybody else.
Content: The grand opening of Seventh Heaven!
Setting: Seventh Heaven [G7]
Time: Daytime, week 17.
Warnings: None.

[ooc: This will be treated like a party thread; patrons may feel free to make their own thread and the employees may tag accordingly. Time skips and all that don't really matter, etc etc etc. Just have fun with it :) Tee hee. If anything, consider this a free pass at giving somebody an excuse to pass the next activity check.]

見つめてる夜は今 夜明け前の遠い空 確かめるように照らし出すよ あの道のりとその先を 陽は昇り繰り返し 終わりのない涙は無い いつかはそう思えるから 生きるよ )
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