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Character(s): Laharl and this time really anyone. lol
Content: Locked in his own dungeon... but he has visitation rights, at least.
Setting: Netherworld Floor, dungeon of the Overlord's Castle
Time: Night
Warnings: Unhappy demon
Note: Multi-threaded! And derp apologies for another post already ^^;

He still couldn't believe his father had left him locked in the dungeon. He'd been here at least an hour he thought, but he wasn't really sure. It was impossible to tell the passage of time way down here. With only a few torches, the dungeon was dark, no outside light reaching it.

Laharl sat huddled in a corner at the front of the cell, looking horribly unhappy, for numerous reasons. The first was, of course, the whole reason he was down here in the first place. The whole incident replayed in his head, over and over. There wasn't really anything he could have done differently... except perhaps NOT letting on to others what he was considering. As for his dad... he wasn't really sure how to feel about his father's actions. Not to say he wasn't angry about the whole thing--he was, but... Laharl couldn't forget the apologetic and regretful look on his father's face. He hadn't really wanted to do this. His... father was trying to protect him? The whole thing was hard to digest.

The second was, despite his father having loosened his scarf so he could get eventually free, after struggling and rolling around trying to do so, he'd only managed to do the complete opposite. Frustrated and exhausted, he'd finally just given up for the time being, and huddled up where he now was.

The third thing was just simply being stuck down here alone. Sometimes he valued his alone time, but he wasn't enjoying it right now in the least. And especially not when being down here was stirring up memories of when the Organization had captured him. That was definitely not something he needed to be reminded of now.

With still no intentions of backing down, Laharl had no idea how long he'd end up stuck down here. It certainly seemed like it could be awhile, much to his chargin, as he wasn't sure how he'd even get through a night of this, much less days or longer.

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