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GALAXIA. ([personal profile] inflation) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2013-01-14 01:54 pm
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so i set the world on fire. ( active / open )

Character(s): Galaxia & OPEN (party style)
Content: The golden queen discovers heartless... and decides to see what they can do. This is bad news for your characters...
Setting: Near St. Destino's. (Thought you could escape, did you?)
Time: Afternoonly.
Warnings: Fighting, general big bad psychoticness stuff.

She hadn't exactly been in the city long before the shadows began to stir. She felt them before they could be seen -- the small creatures that began to grow in number, following the steps that she took towards the church near-by. She had seen others go through the building, and not come out; knew that it was likely the pathway to the higher floors. And certainly -- knew that others would come to gather at a place like this. Which of course, meant that there was good reason to believe that those worthy, perhaps even in possession of a sailor crystal -- would also arrive at this place.

With her arms crossed, she continued to ignore the small creatures -- she was confident that they wouldn't attack someone like her -- someone obviously far above their skill level. But why exactly they still hung around... she was still trying to figure out.

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