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Jenny ([personal profile] lovestherunning) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2012-12-14 12:48 am

Gotta return home at some point [Active]

Character(s): Jenny and Ten
Content: Jenny finally gets around to running into her other dad.
Setting: Starting at the TARDIS, and possibly going who knows where.
Time: Week 45, Mid-day
Warnings: Dorkiness, father-daughter time, and no doubt some rambling. In other words, the usual!

Somehow, Jenny had managed to keep herself completely occupied since she had returned, trying to deal with everything from a dangerous new arrival to the citizens obvious hatred for those of them that were considered outsiders. Even with their attitude towards her though, she still found herself trying to help any way she could, even attempting to take advantage of how much she looked like them, which had become much easier since she'd acquired some of their clothes. The infiltration only seemed to work on some, but not all, and eventually, Jenny found herself not quite giving up, but in need of a much better plan. There was only so much she seemed to be able to do on her own.

As she thought everything through further, she made her way to St. Destino, planning to at the very least make a stop by the TARDIS and gather some of the things she had left there. Perhaps grab the hour of sleep she needed to recoup her energy again. At least she knew the TARDIS was safe to sleep in.

Without a second thought, she pulled out the key her father had given her, unlocked the door and stepped in.

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