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Go away kid, you bother me. [Active/Closed]

Character(s): Jade, Florian
Content: Florian makes a terrible choice in friends.
Setting: Iriela Apartments II
Time: Evening, Week 38
Warnings: None.

Jade lifted the tumbler to his lips and took an appreciative sip of the amber liquid inside. After his excursion to some of the other floors, he'd taken to staying in and reading through a stack of books he'd collected from the library. Surely there had to be some scrap of information buried within the pages. And as Luke and Tear and Guy were out tonight, it seemed like the best time for a quiet evening at home.

Legs crossed as he sat on the couch, he flipped a page and set the glass down. Nothing would break his concentration tonight.
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It was really boring in the apartment at night, especially with Luke and Tear and Guy out wherever they'd gone. At least he wasn't alone; there was still someone sitting on the couch over there, calm and quiet and--wow, that was a lot of books.

He wandered closer, slowly emerging from behind the couch like a kitten on the prowl, and peered curiously down at Jade's current choice of reading material.

Staring, staring.....

"...Hey Jade, what are you reading?"
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"Earth? Does it have different scientific theories from Auldrant?"

Not that Florian was entirely sure what 'scientific theories' entailed, but he was definitely willing to learn. Nothing else to do at the moment, after all.

He spared half a moment to glance out the window, confirming(?) the time, before turning back to his companion of the day. "If I go out right now it'll turn dark soon and I'll get lost." Not that he hadn't learned to navigate the general area by now, but. A choice had been made, and he was sticking to it.
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Oh, he remembered the Score. Not as well as most people did, it was true, but still--he remembered it.

Mainly that it was very tiring to read.

"So they don't have, um...Fon Masters, or anything like that?" He paused for a moment, thinking on this, then attempted to climb over the backside of the couch. "I wonder what I'd be made of in a world with no fonons."
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...That was a confusing thought. Sunshine he could imagine, but could he really be made of puppies? He tumbled down onto the couch seat as Jade got up, then tried to sit upside-down on it.

"...Maybe we brought our fonons with us?"
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Now things where getting difficult. Biology? Critical thinking? Florian fought the urge to turn upside-down again, concentrating instead on deciphering Jade's words. "So...we're made of something different now?"

A pause. "I'm glad we didn't scatter, I don't think I'd like that very much."
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"Is an angry Anise scarier than Mohs?" She had to be, to scare Jade. He bounced experimentally on his seat, staring at his hands as if they'd tell him what they were made of if he stared hard enough.

"...Maybe we're made of some kind of cloth now."
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School? He'd never been to school before. Florian kept bouncing as he pondered this subject, putting his hands down on the seat for extra bounciness, totally oblivious to his new sitter's irritation. Had Jade been to school before? What about Anise? But no, he wouldn't ask about that, he had better things to talk about.

"What is school like? Is it fun? Maybe you could start a school, I think you're good at tutelaging."
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Aand a sudden stop. Despite everything, Florian didn't have too much more stamina than Ion, so the bouncing couldn't go on forever...though he would have liked that. "You're not suited?" He'd ask more on that, but. "Is Guy really good at...tutoring? I want to learn everything, I think it'd be fun."