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A Walk to Clear the Mind (Active/Open)

Character(s): Rainbow Dash and whoever shows up.
Content: RD goes wandering around the city, trying to find something to do.
Setting: City of Paixao proper.
Time: Week 37
Warnings: PONIES.

 Apparently, she was an oddity in the city to the adults, and a wonder to the kids. Some of which had come up to her and tried to grab at her mane and tail... the first time threw her off, making her jump into the air and fly above the crowds for a while. Now, she was getting used to random kids running up to her, and she didn't jump as much. Parents soon realized that the kids were trying to get at a strange looking pony, and kept them close.

Her journal still strung around her neck, she wandered, sometimes flying, getting an idea of the layout of the city, checking her map now and then. It at least gave her something to do, right?
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Florian was exploring. At least, that's what he was calling it - really, he was just enjoying having the freedom to run around town. He'd been happily amused just inspecting the scenery at first, jumping around in the snow, watching the people go by... He'd eventually settled on attempting a snow sculpture, and had just been putting the finishing touches on a horribly deformed Florian-sized bird when he saw a rainbow walk by.

His first reaction was, of course, to...hide behind his snowcreature as the stranger passed by. And yet curiosity meant he couldn't help leaning out from behind it to stare.
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He started to shrink farther behind his snowcreature when he noticed her coming closer, thinking Maybe I haven't been caught yet. The greeting pretty much killed that idea, though, and so he cautiously peeked out again from behind his safe zone. She looked friendly enough, at least...

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If asked why Florian was hiding, he honestly wouldn't be able to say. Force of habit, maybe. He came out as told, though, looking at her curiously.

"You're a pony? Are there scary ponies?"
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"That's good! I don't like scary."

Any tension he might still have had completely disappeared at the mention of a lack of scary ponies, and he smiled back at her. If she was friendly, maybe she'd be willing to play! That would be nice.

"Are there a lot of ponies where you're from? Do they all look like you? I really like your hair, I wish mine was rainbow too."
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It was easy enough to believe she was the coolest, and Florian nodded excitedly along as she spoke.

"Unicorns? What kind of ponies are those?" He watched her hooves curiously, glancing down at his own hands and wondering vaguely what it would be like if he was a pony too. "Are there green ponies where in Equestria?"
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He brought a hand up to his head, sort of copying her gesture at the mention of horns, and - again - wondered what that would be like. "Do they ever get things stuck on their horns?" Hm. He kind of liked the idea of wings better.

"I'd like to see your home someday. I've never seen that many ponies before. Or that many colors. Mieu was only two colors." Here he waved his hands in a vague, explanatory motion.