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Arrival ( Open/Active )

Character(s): Haseo & Anyone?
Content: Arrivals
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Whenevs
Warnings: Possible twattery.

It was supposed to be the Rebirth of The World that Ovan released into the system; How that rebirth would impact that world was another thing entirely though. The last thing he remembered was the world around him falling apart--polygons withering breaking off and withering away into nothing--and then everything being bleached white. After a few moments the white gave way to dark shapes, and those shapes into people and then trees. At first impression it would appear to any regular player of the world to be a regular root town with people bustling about.

The character clad in white squinted in order to adjust his eyes to the new scenery. "Agh.." He reached up and put a palm to his face, and because how realistic the motion felt he could have sworn for a moment that he was in the real world rather than a game. Playing the online game "The World" allowed people in the real world to control a character online and see as they saw through headsets called "M2D"s. However, with just a glance at the glove-covered hand and a friend flex of his fingers, it wasn't hard to distinguish that he was Haseo rather than the person controlling the character. The sensation of movement was more real than when controlling through the M2D.

Were they all stuck as their characters again? That had happened before, and everyone had started to panic and attack each other.

The rogue climbed awkwardly to his feet. Being his character wasn't the only strange thing about arriving at this weird root town place, but now for some reason his character was wearing weird white clothes. Haseo didn't give much thought to it outside of a aggravated sigh, "At this point I don't think 'stranger things have happened' really applies." He folded his arms, "Guess I'll just look around and see if anyone else knows what's going on." Hopefully everyone else was okay.

With that, the rogue proceeded onward towards the obvious line that was formed just beyond the gates trees. Maybe someone around would know something about what had happened. At least if people were organized enough to form lines they weren't all-out panicking like last time.

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Kanata had maybe wandered further off than intended--well, no, this was entirely intentional. More so now that he had no vassal around to keep him in check. Anyway, there was still so much he had to see about this place! To think he was on an actual, fully pieced-together landmass. Surrounded by ocean. By an ocean! How could he just stay put if there was a chance he could see it again?

Not that Kanata had quite succeeded what he was looking for. Oh well, he found enough enjoyment in watching all sorts of people walk about too.

"Now where have I seen something like this before?" Kanata tapped his chin thoughtfully. People bustling about, lines of people, a huge gate...


Oh, yeah.

So then these must be new arrivals, Kanata thought as he cheerfully waved at them from the sidelines.

Curse your inconsistancy, LJ. :| (Haha, it's okay! I'm sorry about the late tag myself.)

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Haseo's question just confirmed any and all of Kanata's less than one-hundred-percent-sure suspicions. "So you are new here! I knew it!" Kanata said, grinning and smacking his fist into his palm. It felt pretty good to make a correct guess every once in a while. See! He could remember stuff! Feeling proud of himself, Kanata continued on. "Oh yeah. The crowd? The crowd is..."

Come to think of it, what was the deal with the crowd? Kanata's own arrival was a blur in his brain by this point. Something about these lines? There was a thing? "Uh. I guess they're all new here too." It wasn't like he had any reason to think otherwise, so might as well go with the simplest answer. If Kanata was forgetting something else, surely it'd come back to him soon. He had gotten something right pretty fast already, after all!

Argh, I'm sorry about this tag too. THIS SHOULD START HAPPENING LESS, I swear

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"Huh?" Kanata blinked. This guy wasn't new, but hadn't been here before? So- so what did that mean?! Was his initial guess wrong? The only people he'd seen that weren't new arrivals were... "Wait, so are you a resident?" Kanata paused in thought, frowning. Sure, maybe this guy was traveling around or something, but some things weren't adding up! "But then how come you don't know about the crowds? And dress funny?" Well, funnier compared to what usual residents wore.


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Kanata nodded and was about to move on, really, yet couldn't help but stick to this subject. He'd never seen any outfit like this before. Gesturing around his shoulders, Kanata said, "You have these." Pause. More emphasis around the shoulders. "These things! Do they do stuff? And hey, are those plates?" How did this guy sit down? Wouldn't they like, clang, get in the way--

"Anyway, you're really confusing, you know? You just said you weren't new, and now you're not a resident either..." Kanata frowned and tilted his head, thinking hard but completely lost. So much for proving himself.

"Oh, this definitely isn't an Event though. Not even a Subevent! It happens way too often." It was entirely too possible he was thinking of a different "event" from Haseo. But hey, close enough.