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Out of Bounds [Active]

Character(s): Haseo and Macha
Content: The two finally meet.
Setting: Muspelheim Area (around L5 or so)
Time: Morning
Warnings: None

Haseo knew he shouldn't be wandering around. He was supposed to meet someone even though no location or time was given for the meeting yet, it still probably wasn't wise to wander about. Yet here he was, walking without having any idea just where he was going. It was almost as if someone or something was calling out to him. But that was just stupid, wasn't it?

Haseo promptly stopped and leaned against one of the extraordinary trees, running a hand through his hair as he let out an aggravated sigh before muttering to himself.

"What am I doing?"

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((General note, lol. Macha's speech is italicized. She mouths things and her words ping over the journals as if it was a message :D *complications ftw!*))

The pleasure of still being data-oriented is that Macha still managed to relocate herself with ease - unfortunately it wasn't jumping between servers and fields - but she could use the journals to disappear and reappear. So Macha had arrived right behind Haseo's tree, a curious expression crossing her face. He felt, or perhaps smelled, different, that was her first thought. How peculiar! It was something that she was use to. Wonderful!

She smiled brightly and popped her head around the tree, then tapped his shoulder. "Well, well, I found you~"

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For once, Macha gave a truthful answer, particularly because of the familiarity she felt from the other, presumably due to their connection to The World. He wasn't like that Michael fellow, or even the Loz.

So Macha pulled back, still hovering in the air, and swept down her arm into a bow. "I am called Macha," she answered him, whiskers twitching. She then floated forward a bit and seemed to sniff at him, eyes blinking as she observed around his head.

How odd! She couldn't quite put a finger on what he was. Surely, he had a class. She had took silent notice of the guns, but that hadn't helped things much more. Odd, odd... what was he? Besides different. And odd.

New version, perhaps? Hm. Peculiar.

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"Lasting a trial! Continuing existance! Preserving! They last a long, long time - but..." She went from floating around playfully one moment, to sinking back with an empty blink the next. "I do not know anyone called 'Endurance.'" She blinked again, not sure what to make of it. And she was certainly no one's - not even Morganna's, no, and maybe only Tsukasa's. Odd, she couldn't remember a time when someone mistook her as someone else.

Though, if he was in fact a newer version (and he had said Aura was the goddess of The World...), perhaps Morganna reconfigured her data? Wouldn't that be unfortunate... but not unexpected, no. But Morganna hated wasting data, and would rather put it to use, even after Data Drain. Macha's face scrunched in a bit of worry, but then she tilted her head, whiskers twitching, and pointing towards him. "You are quite the strange one," was all she said. Strange, new data. Interesting!

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"What's an Avatar?" She asked, full of innocense, just staring at him in confusion. But she honestly wasn't understanding what he was getting at. Who was Endurance? What was he going on about?

Macha floated back, not answering anything else. It didn't really matter, it was just a thought or two. She wondered about Aura again. She sounded safe. What happened after she was Data Drained?

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She reeled back when he begun to explain. All the words struck a chord somewhere in her data, but Phases and Morganna rang the loudest. Her eyes narrowed, wanting to believe this one didn't work with that woman, but suddenly not too trustworthy.

But she couldn't quite admit to being just an AI.

"I am no one's," she growled to him, body tense. She couldn't call Tsukasa's Guardian here. It would appear that it would be hard to get anything useful out of her.

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Macha supposed that not making sense came natural to her - she could make sense when it truly mattered, but was now the time? To her, it was Haseo himself that made no sense, and really, she just wanted to brush the whole Phase and Factors thing aside.

So relaxing a bit, she did. As though it was forgotten, although she filed the information back, just in case. Perhaps she was just missing a document or two for this all to make sense.

"The child in white," she started, "Aura. You say she is the goddess. Is the child well?

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Macha listened intently, floating circles around him. This was good news! He should realize how lucky his version was. Without Morganna, and with Aura! That meant, to her anyway, that Tsukasa was well, and she didn't have to worry as much about what happened after she was drained.

She saw the look cross his face and tilted her head, floating closer so that her red eyes were examining it. "Something is wrong?" she commented on the obvious.

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It wasn't that Macha fully understood other's emotions, but that the look that crossed Haseo's face reminded Macha of Tsukasa when he had fallen to his worst of states. And outside of Morganna, Tsukasa always had her attention. Almost more than Macha herself. But Haseo, she reminded herself, wasn't Tsukasa. And... maybe that was a good thing. She would never want Tsukasa sad as Haseo was.

"I do not," she answered. But then, perhaps she had seen an Ovan before? She only recently begun to pay attention to other PCs names, after all. Subaru, Mimiru, Bear... Macha couldn't harm them, else Tsukasa would hate her. But there was no Ovan in that mix.

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Macha was sure that she never heard of a Steam Gunner, and her expression looked skeptical when he mentioned the - what she presumed was - class. So many things she didn't know about suddenly! "No, no, I have not seen this Ovan," she affirmed. The description was peculiar. And it certainly didn't make her data twitch like Haseo did.

How could someone feel familiar, but not at all be? Ah... well, it might not be so unusual for her, not as much as some things, that is! She knew she herself was unusual.