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A little too far into the hornet's nest [Active/Open]

Character(s): Keiichi, Rika, random Sinstuff, aaaaand open!
Content: Keiichi and Rika investigate a loud noise. Loud noise turns out to be monsters. Their asses will likely require saving. (Not the monsters', I mean.)
Setting: somewhere in H7 probably?
Time: mid-day-ish
Warnings: shit guys, MONSTERS!

It wasn't too long after Keiichi left the hotel with Rika that he began thinking this may have been a bad idea after all. The noise seemed to be getting louder with every step they took, and the dust in the air combined with the narrow streets made it all but impossible to tell what was going on. Whatever it was, though, it looked really bad... was it over, even, or still going on? He couldn't say.

Now, if Rika had stayed back at the hotel, it'd be one thing, but he wasn't about to maybe risk both their lives over curiosity. "Well. I've seen enough," he declared, offering his hand for her to take. "Let's get out of here."

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