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Must be a new server [Complete]

Character(s): Haseo and whoever wants to drop by.
Content: The usual intro post~
Setting: Vanaheim gate.
Time: Morning.
Warnings: None.

When Haseo had picked some random keywords at the Chaos Gate he hadn't been expecting to warp into some sort of...domed city? Complete with tacky gate. In fact, he was fairly certain the keywords he had picked should've led to a dungeon and this was anything but a dungeon. He probably should've logged out right then but he couldn't help his curiosity.

He joined the cue at the gate and waited to see what the fuzz was about. Maybe it was an event? Hopefully the NPC at the gate would explain and if not that one, maybe one of the rest that were walking about. They certainly didn't look like other Players at least, unless most of The World had suddenly decided to go blonde and get a Victorian wardrobe. He had to admit the graphics were great here though, things seemed more real here despite the fact everything was 'fake'. Atoli might've appreciated the shininess. Maybe it – ah, it was his turn.

"Hello sir, could you please state your name?"

"...Haseo." He replied to the girl NPC behind the counter as he watched her jot his name down on something. Maybe this really was an event?

"Alright then Haseo, welcome to Paixao! Any information you need you can find in the brochure or on the journal, please enjoy your stay!" With that she handed over said items and hustled him into the city before he could even speak. All he managed was a small noise of protest before she had already moved onto the next person in line.

"That wasn’t very helpful," he muttered to himself as he glowered at her over his shoulder. NPCs were supposed to be helpful! Although there was always the case of Death Grunty...but he was a special case. Ah well, whatever. Haseo knew better than to argue with an NPC, instead he focused on the object she had given him. A journal, huh?